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lifes got alot of troubles that can be confuseing New York

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  • lifes got alot of troubles that can be confuseing New York

    my name is matt and im in love with this girl that i know loves me back and she is a bit of a rugrat

    Well the point is my life story includes a series af terrible events, there have been a lot of abuse problems with my biological father and his wife my stepmother whom i will refer to as Jack and Chloi. i have been through a lot in my life so far and its a hard story to tell so ill just get the basics for now.

    i just recently me t my biological father for the first time in 14 years and in the begining things were great we seemed to really bond, however things went sour very quickly when i found out about the verbal abuse he put his wife Chloi through. from then on it seemed hard for me to get along with him. his idea of how to treat lovers. his perspective was that they needed to be controled or they will turn on you, but in my recent experience if you love someone and they love you back then they will never turn on you. This is all besides the point, the thing is that on Easter Sunday, Jack seemed to not be himself and found the need to get into a fight. I was the target. it was brutal and the details do not need to be known to all but it was not a pretty sight.

    Since then i have been moved to a group home far from my love and i get to see her once a week on the week-ends and have half an hour phone calls every night. despite the distance, our love seems to have done nothing but grow. for a while there was a remote idea (that never would have happened no matter what the situation0 which was being able to live with her family pre-18 with the courts permission.

    I intend to post more on this topic tomarrow if the time be permitting
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    matt m.

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    Sorry, we don't need your life story. All we need to offer help is a short explaination of your situation and your legal questions.


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