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malicious Persecution Tennessee

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  • malicious Persecution Tennessee

    My wife has tried to have me arrested several times for things that I would have terminated myself for even thinking about. In fact all but one charge was dismissed as unfounded with only a short investigation. The last one I have no idea what the status is because the detective is not returning my calls or those of my family.
    I know she will try to use all of this in court but I need to know if I can sue her for this torment? I am a photographer and she has caused me to lose contracts and clients with her accusations and my largest client is even threatening to let me go because of her. She has become fast friends with this client who believes anythig she has to say about me.
    What are my options?
    How do I make her stop and get my children?

    Thank you,
    Hurting dad in TN.

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    What is the charge that has not been dismissed.

    Can you prove that she is knowingly making false allegations?


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      Melicious Persecution

      The charge that I am not sure of status is that I am suposedly attempting to hire someone to kill her and get this I am going to pay them with the furniture in the house.
      Go figure. She has accused me of sexual exploitation of a minor, Sexual assault with battery, pedophilia, porn on a computer, Sexual harrasment, and domestic assault. All these were dropped because there was no evidence and the witnesses told what she does to people that do not agree with her or make her angry. The police will do nothing to her but they sure want to find me guilty. I have spent over $35,000 to keep my name clear and she knows that I have no more money to fight the rest of the divorce. I just refuse to move away from our children.
      She wants everything. Literaly.


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        malicious persecution

        I found out today that the charges have been dropped by the police though I recieved a call from someone claiming to be from the police department that threatend me saying I am not to call the police department for any reason or I will be arrested but the police have no idea what is happening.


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          This would be an excellent time to ask about getting a protective order against her.
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            Malicious Persecution

            I tried that but no one wants to let me get one. Legal Aid says there is a "Conflict" but won't tell what kind it is and the Courthouse won't help because I do not have a Police Report, and the Police will not take a report or come if I call.
            She has to many friends on the force now. One of her friends called and stated that they were a police officer warning me not to call the police department and even referenced a call made to the Chief of Police that I had told no one about.
            They threatened me with jail time and even injury if I attempted to get a E.P.O. again.


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