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Mass Restraing Order Help?? Massachusetts

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  • Mass Restraing Order Help?? Massachusetts

    Hello Everyone,

    I was living w/ my gf and we really couldnt be happier!! I am a mortgage broker and as you know the market hasnt been great so I got into some issues!! On Dec 18th I was arrested for possesion w/ intent to deliver cocaine!! I spent Christmas and New years in jail which felt like a lifetime away from her!! Well her family found out what happened on Dec 31st since she was staying with my family and decided not to tell them and just so you know they live in a differnet state and she is already 21!! Well I was released in Jan 2nd and I her family came to my mothers on the 31st of Dec and took her away!! So yesterday I was served w/ a Restraining Order to appear in court Friday!! My question is how can they even get one when our last words were saying how much we love and since being out I havent once tried to call or contact her since she at her mothers and they have her controlled!! I really dont want any trouble but also dont need a restraining order against me since I have enough on my plate!! I am pretty sure that w/o out any attempts of contact or showing up never mind being abusive and have not doing so before even being served I think this is something that the family did to keep her from coming to see me!! Looking at the handwriting it doesnt match her at all!! I think the older sister is the one that did it!! Which you know I have sisters and if I found out my younger sister was with someone that was arrested on a charge like that I would be upset to so thats why I will not show up there and say cmon lets go!! They have a right to be mad and she of age to where if she want to be with me she knows where I live!! Her father is known for taking her car and unplugging the battery. And they have also put long distance blocks on the phone which is what an uncle of her s told me!! Since 3 different family members showed up here for her belonging uninvited!! So if anything they are the ones showing up here unannounced!! Honestly guys if she shows up on the court date then I dont want her because I would be wasting my time but I still dont need someone that could absolutely love me forever then w/o even talking to each other for 3 days could hate me having this power over me cause that means she could just change again come visit me and the parents could call the cops on me!! Which is the power they need!! What are my rights and do they even have grounds for an order if I have done abo****ely nothing wrong accept w/ the law for drugs which I am paying for and have paid for dearly spending holidays in jail on lock down which is the reason for not being able to talk to my gf since visting on Sunday before release where we hugged and cried together to a restaing an order and her family sending me message w/ my belonging saying she hates me!! I know sounds like a Dr. Phil or actually maybe even Jerry!! I apologize for little details just want you guys to understand what is going on whcih is family is trying to have something to threathen her with I think What do you think any help apprecaited??
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