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Verbal abuse and Statutory rape... New Hampshire

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  • Verbal abuse and Statutory rape... New Hampshire

    Hello, question about statutory rape and verbal abuse...

    A few years back, when I was 15 (now 21), I started dating a guy who was 18. I was very, very stupid and began having sex with him a few months into dating. About 2 years went by, everything in our relationship was peachy keen. He then joined the military, moved down south, and became verbally abusive to me. Only problem being that I didn't see it at all, he convinced me that I had changed, that I was the problem (which I've found now is very typical in cases of verbal abuse). Thus, we stayed together, because he also convinced me that I was too stupid and useless to be without him. I found out I was pregnant a year ago (with this guy that I had been with since 15), and he became even more abusive during my pregnancy. Fortunately, realizing that I had someone more important than anything in my life, including myself, now under my care made me see that I didn't deserve the way he treated me, and I subsequently left him. However, he still sees our little girl, and I'm terrified that he'll hurt her the way he hurt me...I'm considering pressing charges, but how do I go about this? Can I press charges for statutory rape even though it was so long ago? There were no witnesses to the actual abuse, just what I relayed to my family and friends after our phone conversations...would this hold up in court (even though I'm expecting a no on this one)? Help!

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    I have an idea that you can still file statutory rape even after this long. The proof of it is in your Daughter. However, I am not 100% sure of this. So you will have to be patient and wait for that answer. The weekends are usually slower than week days but someone will help you out in no time.

    I just wanted to say that I am proud to see you were strong enough to leave him and protect yourself and your daughter. Not many people do. Good Job.


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      Well, just to kind of clear this up...I didn't become pregnant when I was a minor, I just had her...I became pregnant when I was 20 and he was 23.


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        Originally posted by rmckate View Post
        Well, just to kind of clear this up...I didn't become pregnant when I was a minor, I just had her...I became pregnant when I was 20 and he was 23.
        Then how do you intend to prove the rape charge?


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          My fault, I see now that I read it wrong, all Apologies!


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