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Alleged Victim Stalking Him Connecticut

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  • Alleged Victim Stalking Him Connecticut

    My boyfriend was still living with his baby's mother when we met two years ago. He was unhappy in the relationship but states he stayed in it because of the child and the threats she made that if he left he would never see his child again, that she would move to Puerto Rico and take the child, etc. As our relationship developed he made moves to move out of the house they shared. She lost it! She has threatened him, hit him over the head with a hammer, bit him, cut up all of his clothes - you get the picture? A very unstable, violent woman. Soooo - her brother is a city cop and one night she finally made good on her threats and called the cops and made falsle charges that he was threatening her, hit her, etc. He was arrested. Now, he has a no contact order that he cannot be anywhere near her or else he will go to jail - but - she wont leave him alone. She had told him that if he isn't with her, he won't be with anyone! And he has told me he believes her - she would rather have him in jail than to be with me! When his case came up in court, Family Services put on record that they had attempted to contact the "victim" but the victim was unresponsive - and she was sitting right there in the courtroom! I'm afraid she's going to pull this stunt again and tell the police he violated the no contact order - even though he doesn't want anything to do with her! He just wants to pursue visitation and live a peaceful, loving life free from her threats! How can he protect himself against her? He never thought of having her arrested for violence in the past because she is his son's mother. So, there's no record of her violence against him. This woman is truly out to set him up! She made false statements, had him arrested, has been violent and is now stalking him trying to show up where she knows he is going to be . . . just one word from the alleged "victim" to the courts or cops and he's going to jail for a long time!! My boyfriend is not a fighter, but a lover and he's not going to be very aggressive in protecting himself - I know this, but what are his options?

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    What makes you think all this stuff happened?
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      I was a witness to much of it! She has told me directly that if he wasn't going to be with her he would never see his kid again. His mom called me the other day to tell me she found her waiting outside his place of employment and Mom told the security guard that she was not supposed to be there. I saw the bite mark and the huge knot on his head from the hammer . . .


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        Is there a court order for visitation? If not, he should file for one ASAP. Exchanges can be arranged so that the parents won't have to see each other.

        The only way a person can protect themself from false accusations is to always have proof of where they are at ALL times.


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          He does not have visitation yet - I'm afraid that the violent charge against him (though false) will negatively impact his rights with regard to that as well.

          Definitely good advice for him to have witnesses whenever possible. But, as defending false allegations is extremely difficult to do, and based on the no contact order all she has to do is make another false statement and he's history (jailed) - what is the best legal recourse? Should he try to reopen the order and make a defense against the allegations - or is there a better way? Can a person get an order of protection or anything like that based on a scenario of someone trying to set them up and having made false allegations?

          What's the expectation that she will tire of the drama and nastiness and simply let him live his life?

          Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks!!


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            Okay, she has a PO against him. She is now stalking him.

            HE needs to take out a PO against her.

            He needs to file for custody/visitation in court. There is no other way that she can be forced to allow him to have any contact with the child.
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