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Lil brother! Pennsylvania

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  • Lil brother! Pennsylvania

    Hi i'm Alysha and i'm 21.
    I have a little brother who is 3 1/2 mos. old right now. When he was 2 mos. old my dad abused him all around his private area and bottom. My dad says he didn't do and is now trying to plant this all on my brothers mom. I know that it was him b/c of his past.. He has hurt my mom many many times and me, but without documentation of him hurting me. The cops never really followed up with anything that had happened. Now theres a big chance that he will walk and then be able to see my brother without supervision...and this REALLY scares me. He has told my brothers mom (they are no longer together now) that he had tried to think of ways to kill my mother or get her arrested by planting drugs somewhere on her or in her car. He is very sick and needs help and we don't know how to get him the help he needs...If anyone know what we could do please let me know soon.

    concered big sister

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    You need to contact your local child abuse and let them know what is going on..


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