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Wife's sister being abused... Illinois

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  • Wife's sister being abused... Illinois


    I found this site by googling and I hope someone can help me.

    I originally met my wife in Highschool. She was living with her grandparents due to neglect by her mother. We are now married with a child of our own. 12 years ago her mother gave birth to another child, and then another 2 years after that. It was always my fear that history would repeat itself.

    Spring break has come, and the children have been staying with us. Yesterday they where told that one of thier mothers friends would be in the area to pick them up and take them home. They where upset to leave, but I took this as we where cool people and the kids liked to be at our house.

    Today, while at work my wife calls me and tells me that the older child told her that "Mom has been hitting me and has been injecting herself with baking powder. I found her in the bathroom with these bent spoons and she yelled at me. She keeps the spoons under the bathroom sink." She also went into describe a few different situations. One where her mother hit her with a wooden spoon in the face until the spoon broke. Another time where her mother punched her in the face for missing the school bus, and when she got to school she told them she fell down and that is why she missed the bus. She also said that last week when she complained about her shoes hurting her and needing new ones her mother filled up the kitchen sink and shoved her face into it and kept dunking her head into the water while calling her names. She also said that "mom never hits [the youngest sister] only me" The youngest sister acts as if nothing is wrong and nothing is happening. But you can tell she is hiding something becouse when she says this she looks away and trys to change the subject.

    I want to call DCFS now, and my wife says no. She has told her sister to wait until somethign happens again to run out of the house, go to the nieghbor and call the police. My wife has also called her grandparents (her gaurdians) and told them what was happening.

    The big problem is that my wife is afraid of her sisters going into "the system". Her sister is also afraid of this. We aren't exactly rich and are currently going thru some financial issues on our own that we are just now getting our heads up above water. I would like to tell these girls that we could take them, but I dont know that I could financially support them.

    Thier father is currently in jail for demostic battery or something of that nature.

    I dont know what to do about this and i'm wondering if anyone has any advice.

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    I want to call DCFS now

    Excellent idea.
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      Originally posted by seniorjudge View Post
      I want to call DCFS now

      Excellent idea.
      I can't believe there is even an argument over this.
      Please no private messages about your situation.


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        here is the thing. I couldn't sleep at night knowing that those two children were living like that.

        You call the authorities and you take in the children.

        There is never enough money or time for children. Amazing enough, all they really need is someone that loves them enough to care for them and kick their butts in equal measure.

        Look at it this way. In 10 years, will you be happy that you helped and have this great family, or sorry that you ended up going to a funeral because you didn't think you could afford to help.
        Not everything that makes you mad, sad or uncomfortable is legally actionable.

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          I agree with the others, call CPS now. The kids don't have to go into a foster home, most states have financial assistance available for family memebers who take temp custody when kids are removed from thier home by CPS. When you report, be sure to ask about how you and wife can help. Usually state's will really go out of thier way to assist a family member, because the foster care system is so over crowded.


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            Thank you for your responses.

            I've shown this thread to my wife and I think I've persuaded her to call.


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