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Child Abuse in PA Pennsylvania

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  • Child Abuse in PA Pennsylvania

    This letter was submitted to the local TV - No Response. But, last night on the news there was a story of dogs being abused.

    Any information on what we can do would be greatly appreciated.

    Mr. Foulk and assistances better look a little bit deeper into OCY. Just one month ago my sister, who has twelve children was caught, by the Erie City Police living in an unfit home for rats! It was condemned, finally. OCY was called by several witnesses and neighbors, for abuse, but never acted. One child, the age of 11 months has been seen by three doctors, one at the Pittsburgh Children's Hospital and after several tests has been diagnosed as - malnourished, failure to thrive, the body and weight of a three month old (weight 11lbs 6 oz.) his weight should be at least 22 pounds at this age, the doctor said; One more week of this abuse and the child would probably be dead. He does not crawl because the size of his belly (kwashiorkor malnutrition), does not have any teeth, never has been seen by a doctor since leaving the hospital when he was born, no immunization, adult head lice, doesn't reach for toys or cannot hold his bottle and on and on. My sister Laura has taken him, into her home and it was her hometown doctor that got on Erie Co. OCY to check into the other children.
    Yet, this mother still has her other children who have major problems. I have been in contact with several caseworkers at OCY, only to be given the run-around. They have done nothing to change this arrangement. Those other kids need to be taken away and seen by doctors and psychologists. The ages of the other children are 15 to 2. The older ones have been in trouble with the law and school yet OCY does not see a no problem. Laura has yet to be contacted by Erie Co. OCY as to how the baby is doing.
    Another point is my sister was getting ample food stamps, WIC, food from pantries, and so why are these kids neglected? She nor her boyfriend work.
    The living arrangement now is at my brothers in Edinboro who has a two bedroom home. She has all 10 children with her and she say's she has done nothing wrong. Obviously OCY thinks this is OK???

    This is just a few items of this particular case. Believe me it goes much much deeper.

    In a news article it states that kinship issues also need to be revamped because availabe relatives are unable to make their desires known for wanting to take care of the child/children in question.
    OCY never asked any of us if we would be willing to take our neice, Olivia whom is child 12. OCY took it upon themselves to place her in a foster home with strangers.
    Also, stated in the report is nine new steps have already been taken to address the issues. Could someone tell me where they are???

    Who stands up for these children? My sister, Laura and I are trying but there doesn't seem to be anyone that cares. We feel as though we are beating our heads against a brick wall.

    There is going to be another hearing (first one was a joke) on the 27th of this month.
    Only Lisa and Dan (the abusers) were aloud into the meeting, with an attorney present. Laura and her husband, Jeremy were asked to travel three hours, for witness purposes only to sit in a waiting room for two hours and never spoken to until the meeting was over.

    Someone needs to break this story and get these children some help and away from abusive parents until they get some sort of help.

    Are you willing? I have all the documents from the doctors and police to back up my facts, and then some.

    Laura and I are willing to do anything for these children.

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    Since I don't live in your state there isn't anything I can do, sorry.

    The reason for my posting though is this-
    The net is a very dangerous place and you should never post your name, address or telephone number. You can edit your post and remove those things, you have already listed your e-mail address, so people can reach you there, or by PM on this site.

    I'll pray for those kids and hopefully something will be done.


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      Big Thanks, Xena

      Thanks for the advice.
      I went ahead and e-mailed all the elected officials in Erie, PA, senator and governor. Maybe they can get someones attention on the case.



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        Good luck to you. We had the same type of problem and turned in the parents of our niece and nephew for abuse several times in several different counties since they moved a lot. One problem is that the parents get up to 3 weeks notice before they are visited by a caseworker. They are soooo overworked that it is a waste of time to them to just stop by. Then usually the parents are smart enough to to cover things up. That is if you can actually get anyone to listen to you. The best luck we had was with our Senator. I faxed them a letter about the situation and they responded within 15 minutes. They checked out the situation but unfortunately they weren't able to do anything at the time. We had also complained to the regional office of Children and Youth but the county agency convinced them that we were wrong. Nothing was done until the school got involved and threatened to contact the judge that was involved in this case. He had stated that if anything else happened the kids would be removed from the home. There were several professionals telling CYS that things were happening and they never did anything until they knew the judge would be notified. Finally the kids were removed from the home. After 7 years of abuse and being left in the home they were removed 3 days before Christmas and placed in a foster home with strangers. What really upset us was that we had notified CYS that we would take the kids if anything happened and we were licensed foster parents with a different county. It took a call the the children's guardian ad litem and lots of documentation of the abuse for her to request that we get custody of the kids. It took 5 weeks to get them. It was a very rough road and therapy every week.. Sometimes twice a week and a therapist that was fooled by bio dad and visits started with bio dad. Our nephew was returned home (at his request) and our niece is now our adopted daughter. It took 5 years to accomplish. Sorry for the long story but I wanted you to see what you are up against. I wish you luck but if your county is like their's was you won't get much help. Don't give up but be prepared that you may not be able to help th kids.


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          Nowhere in one year

          It has been just over one year since my sister and boyfriend had their twelve children removed due to their lack of parenting skills or as the boyfriend told the judge "I guess I was lazy". They have finally plead guilty but, only to a misdemeanor one (1). #11 child was on the verge of death due to malnourishment. I got to see pictures of the house and you would believe that these parents will never have rights to these children, again. The pictures show human and animal feces all over the floors, maggots everywhere, no food in the cupboards or refrigerator, no commode and on and on. I can't even describe the horrific and deplorable living conditions they lived in, with all the welfare and different agency money they were getting/taking. Wrong, these parents are calling all the shots with the Erie, PA Office of Children and Youth and plan on taking back the children. Thanks to the Administrator who just wants this case to dissappear. We now have a wonderful caseworker who see's throught all the manipulating and blaming that my sister does (wasn't her fault) and refuses to let her get away with it. Yet, higher ups in the office are telling her to keep her mouth shut, don't make waves and get this case over with.
          I have written letters to governor, senator, mayor and just today the Erie County Executive pleading that these two cannot get away with what they have done. One worker called it "The worst case in Erie County".
          Is there anything else I can do? Because they went with a plea bargain do they get slapped on the hands?
          Advice Anyone???


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            Letter to Erie County Executive

            Dear Mr. Divecchio,

            For over a year now I have stood by and watched, listened and observed your OCY caseworkers, supervisor and as of yesterday the director on a very high child abuse (stated as one of the worst in Erie Co.) profile case, in your county where twelve children are involved and the abusive parents are running the show. You have a newly assigned administrator telling the caseworker basically "Get this case closed and out of the way". This administrator, at the time was a caseworker, was called several times, by several different people pertaining to the conditions of the home and where children were being neglected and abused and she did NOTHING! It wasn't until the Erie Police were called upon, to do her job and invaded and condemned the house, immediately the night that they entered it. You should read their report. How did she get promoted????? And, yes your director is fully aware of what's going on. This case is far from over yet, and you have a small group of OCY workers trying to cover up what they should have done months ago. They don't want anyone to know that they failed (BIG TIME) in this particular case and these children. I do believe that Mr. Lucht will fire the caseworker that is trying to do her job and doing it quite well, may I add, for following the proper protocol in which she is being ridiculed for on this particular case.

            There is a large group of us that will see this case to the end and are willing to fight for the rights of these children. I have phone numbers of the lieutenant, caseworker, CASA workers, foster-parents and family members that are involved and witness the "Don't bother me with this case, attitude."

            I have documents that can support everything I have written today and would very much like you to see them and if you talk to the right people they can verify what I am trying too.

            I believe you really need to pay close attention to what I am telling you and an investigation should be opened because there is a cover-up and feuding in the Office of Children and Youth.


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