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  • What to do? California

    I have a friend in need of some assistance with a possible child abuse situation. My friend had informed me that her niece had confided in her that she had been abused by her aunt's husband on more than one occasion. Her niece told her that she was touched inappropriately. My friend asked her niece if she was telling the truth and then asked if she needs to worry since she has a daughter who is a toddler. Her niece explained to her that no tounching had occurred for she was afraid of breaking up a family. But then just yesterday, her niece broke down and told her everything that had been happening to her over a span of two years. Now my friend does not know how to go about handling her situation because she doesn't want to believe that her husband is capable of something like this but then how could she ignore the cries of a family member. Please help any way possible asap to help guide my friend who is in dire need of salvation!

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    She needs to call CPS...Now..or you molesters look like normal people and act like normal people...The niece needs to know that this is going to be stopped. The neice needs to go to the doctor and needs to be placed in counseling. Even if she is not 100% sure that abuse occured she needs to put that child in counseling and let an outside person determine what is truely going on.
    Your friend can call 1-800-4 a child . The hotline will tell her who to speak with locally and give advise on how to handle the situation.


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