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someone please help? Pennsylvania

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  • someone please help? Pennsylvania

    me and my bf got into a fight and he was charged with simple assult. does anyone know what is going to happen to him when he goes to court? i am no longer involved the state took te case over along with the pictures the police took and my statement of him choking and babnging my head off the wall. he has never been charged with this before and we were both drinking. i am wondering if they are going to give him time, or just fines and probation or something like that.

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    Pennsylvania Assault Laws & Penalties

    Simple Assault is a misdemeanor charge of either first, second, or third degree, depending on the circumstances.

    * It is a Misdemeanor 1 (first degree) if you are charged with an assault on a child under 12.
    * It is a Misdemeanor 2 (second degree) in most cases.
    * It is a Misdemeanor 3 (third degree) if it is a "mutual consent" assault, for example, a fight in which both parties are equal participants.

    The maximum penalties under Pennslyvania law if found guilty, are:

    * Misdemeanor 1: Up to 5 years in prison - $10,000
    * Misdemeanor 2: Up to 2 years in prison - $5,000
    * Misdemeanor 3: Up to 1 year in prison - $2,500
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      If he gets away with this, I am really hoping that you will NOT take him back. It dosen't matter if you were both drunk , it does NOT give him the right to hit you. Take it from me I stayed in an abusive relationship for many years because I was afraid to raise my children alone, Trust me it will NEVER stop. Even after being away from him for 8 years, he still tries to treat me the same way. I got a restraining order about 2 yrs ago, I have to speak to him on the phone regarding the kids and he still looks to start fights and say things he shouldn't. So please think before you take him back


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