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when men falsely accused of violence, what to do? California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho

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  • when men falsely accused of violence, what to do? California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho

    Yes, we all know about women being abused of men, but, what is to be done about the very serious crime of women extorting men for money, etc., by saying they will hurt/cut/bruise themselves and then calling in the police? Has anyone had something like this happen to them, and/or, does anyone know how to handle this? It is more common than can be believed but the male victim is usually embarassed to be taken advantage of and doesn't pursue protection. Help needed in southern california.

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    probably the best thing a man can if a women says something like that is either record it or never be in a situation with her again where they are alone....


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      Get and run as fast as you can away from her. I wish I had!!! In the end I lost every thing including my right to be a dad to my kids. I now know I should have field divorce papers on her fast and first as the first one to file seam to have the lead and the other has to play catch up all the time. I also know that the way the laws are now wrote the are really against men. A fact not well known is the money and how it was to be spent that the N.O.W gave to police so that most all arrest were of men. They also said if this was not the case they would pull the money away from enforcement. They are the ones who designed most of the classes law inforcment go’s threw get the idea now. They also are the ones that got the government to write the laws as they are.
      Ever see a man shelter for the abused? How about a add any were that a man is a victim? How many ads do you see or read were it is the other way. The man is the evil one never a woman or a child. Ever been stabbed by your wife and had the police and or docs refuse to say any thing? ever been told as a man if you scratch a picture frame it is D.V. but a wife can tare down and destroy a door and it is nothing but misalaniuse mischief a misdemeanor that means nothing and has no rights take for life from them but a man and the frame get him a felony and removal of rights for life? How come a woman can shot her husband and it is self defense even years later and if a man dose it, it is premeditated murder! I ask my self this all the time how about you both men and woman out here do you thing the field is treated the same weather a man or a woman is a fault?
      Ever live with so much abuse it makes you want to take your life? Another little known fact .when a survey was done of woman in jail and of woman that had gone threw D.V. most said yes they hit first. Why is that okay but not if a man hits back to defend him self. Ever seen a woman try to get her mate to hit her all the time she is yelling how if he dose she will call the cops and have him arrested? Yes I have seen that from start to finish and as far as I would say she should have went to jail but did not. Were is the law equally applied in this? No were that’s what I say nothing but discrimination against men.


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        When women abuse "victim's rights"

        Noticed too late how ancient the thread was. . . . . .
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