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Divorce Decree Admendment Due to Failure to Pay Mortgage Florida

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  • Divorce Decree Admendment Due to Failure to Pay Mortgage Florida

    I've been divorced since July 2004. My ex-husband and I agreed that I would do a Quit Deed and he would refinance the house since the mortgage was in my name. Of course, he didn't uphold his end of the deal and has recently stopped making the monthly payments. The mortgage is closing in on 3 months past due and has reported to my credit. After reviewing the divorce decree I realized only my responsibility to complete a quit deed was outlined and it says nothing about him refinancing. I was 23 years old and completely naive. Now, I need to find out how I can force him to refinance and compensate for any payments I have to make in the mean time in order to salvage my credit. I worked so hard for the last seven years to repair the damage he inflicted to my credit score during our marriage. He even went as far as to open credit lines in my name without my knowledge. I didn't discover any of this until after the divorce was final and decided to let it go at the time because I just wanted out. He also never allowed me to retrieve my personal belongings from the house which were outlined in the divorce decree. I'm concerned about the amount of time that has passed, but I'm hoping his consistent payments for the past 7 years show he was aware it was his responsibility. I want to haul him to court because he had dismissed my efforts at contacting him so we can discuss this. I've finally moved to a place where he hasn't been able to get my address and I am upset that he'll have the ability to find me again. I have to get this issue resolved once and for all sothat I can finally move on without him having any control over any aspect of it.

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    When my husband and I considered filing for a divorce, we realized that we didn't have enough money to hire a lawyer. In addition, at that time we had a very good relationship, and we even wanted to remain friends. We found Florida quick divorce, cause it's much cheaper and faster. However, six months after we divorced, he stopped voluntarily paying child support (we had a son in marriage). I wondered why, because we agreed with him that we would not indicate this item in the divorce papers because he promised to pay without delay. After that I found out that his new girlfriend is pregnant, and she is against her husband paying child support. It’s also wild for me because he stopped communicating with our son and is focused on the appearance of his new child. Well, such a decision did not suit me, so I had to sue him for non-payment of alimony.


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