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Stuck with mother to be with child

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  • Stuck with mother to be with child

    I’m sure this has been asked hundreds of times, but I’ll ask anyway. I’m thinking about leaving the mother of my child. We are not married but are engaged. Long story short I just can’t live with her for the rest of my life to many differences. The only reason I have this long is becasue I love my son and I'm willing to do anything I can to be with him. Now comes the tricky part I have tried to leave before but every time she uses my 11 month old son as a token to hurt me. I want badly to full custody, but in all fairness would settle for 50/50. I know his mother loves him but she has extreme mood swings that scare me I don’t want my son to be in the path of one of these. She yells and screams at everything that doesn’t go her way. Not something that a child should be subject to. Because we are going to get married we have a house and car in both of our names. She has made all the payments on the car except the down payment, and I have made all the house payments and bills that go with the house. What are the chances that I will be able to get 50/50 or full custody of our child? If anyone has any other experiences with the car and house what’s going to happen there too?

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    You have a fair chance of getting 50/50 custody. But unless she is unfit, the favoritism tends to lean towards the mother, especially in a child so young. Does she work? That might also make a difference as well. As far as the house and car, because they are in both your names, you will have to deal with that. I'm not sure of the laws in your state, if they fall under common law or not. However, even if not, whoever keeps the house will want to take the other's name off of it (or else they have all rights to the equity) and to do that you may have to settle on what equity is in it right now. As far as the car, you will want to refinance it to take one name off, or else the person not driving it will be at risk for bad credit reports if the other person doesn't make the payments.


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      Thank you for the speedy reply. Everything you said sounds like what I have been thinking. No common law yet. I she does work and makes slightly less than I do once overtime is taken in to account. I wonder though since she has only started working will they just take a yearly salary from her hourly wage or will they also try to account for overtime?


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