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  • offer to stop support

    recently my ex- wife called me and said that she and her new husband are willing to stop my child support payments for our son. We have been divorced for 5 years and I have steadily paid all of my support by having it taken directly out of my pay check. I am currently re married and so is my ex. eventhough I have a steady job my ex and her husband know we are not financially secure at this time as in comparison to their financial standing. I am still paying off all of the bills from our failed marriage- anyways my ex called and offered to have my child support payments ended w/o giving up any of my privelages of visitation. One of the reasons being that our son does not come as often as the visitation papers agreed upon. after some intense counseling we were advised to let him decide if he is coming on the scheduled times if not he needs to call and we discuss why he is not coming at a certain time period. M y question is what rights am I giving up if I agree to let her stop recieving my support payments- she said this is to help me out financially on other reason. I still will retain the agreed upon visitation just w/o support payments. Yes it sounds as if she they are making a good faith effort to help us out . By agreeing to this will I be giving any of my rights away???

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    Custody/visitation matters and support issues are handled separately. Also, get thie gesture of goodwill in writing, preferbly witnessed by a notary so you can explain to court if it ever becomes necessary in the future.


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