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Abadonment in ohio

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  • Abadonment in ohio

    My husband and I got legal custody of his son when he was 6 months old. He is now 6. His mother has not had contact with him for the duration of his life and has not given a single dime to help raise him. She is not court ordered to pay us as we do not want her money. My husband recently introduced them and now she thinks she needs to step up and be the mom......When the case first went to court she dropped her son of with some co workers and did not come back. They said that if she wanted any rights she would need to do a mental health assessment and to this day she still has not. She had a child after our son and gave her up for adoption then had another after that and kept that baby. So she currently has two kids that live with her and has nothing at her house for him. Can she get visitations after this long? Could she get over night visitations?

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    If your husband has been made the legal guardian and has had sole custody for the past 6 years, his ex (wife?, gf?) is going to need to petition the court to change that. If she was awarded visitation and just hasn't chosen until now to accept it, your husband will need o go to court to prevent her being able to exercise her right. It isn't clear why your husband would suddenly after 6 years introduce the boy to a virtual stranger who was unbalanced but the fact that he did may very well make it more difficult o prevent any visitation. Presumably if she were that bad, he would have let sleeping dogs lie and or made sure she was safe and sane before opening that can of worms with a 6 year old.
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