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Child Support Ohio- is he going to jail? Ohio

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  • Child Support Ohio- is he going to jail? Ohio

    Ok, I will try to make this as short as possible. My current husband has 4 children from previous marriage, and 1 from first marriage. He lost his job this past December, up until that time he was paying every week. After that, honestly, he was not real good at it. When he had it, he paid it, but not what he should have.

    The ex took him back to court in April for not paying what he should. He was told to pay, and make them happy. He had to pay $950 for May, June and July, plus $1000 for behind payments. We have now paid about 3/4 of this, but it is going to be impossible to pay the total amount he owes. Not to mention the 5th child's mother is getting frustrated b/c now he is behind with her...

    He finally landed a job in June (yea!) and set up child support right away through his check. Now, we just found out that the ex is taking him back to court again (this makes about the 4th time)- this time b/c he is not paying the maximum. The amount he should pay is $950/month, plus he has to pay for the health insurance (which I pay and is $200/month.)

    Honestly, if I could help him I would, but my check covers the mortgage and the bills, and his check goes to child support. We are barely making it as it is. He is actively looking for a second job, working over when he can, side jobs any time available. I am in a salary job, so I could work 80 hours and get paid the same.

    So, now for my question- could they put him in jail for not paying the total monthly required? If that happens, he loses the job that IS paying the support, which is what they want him to do?

    Help please...

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    From my experience, most likely not. If they take him to court for non-payment, they will tell him (since he's paying something) that even if he's at his limit for payroll deduction, he's still responsible for the rest. As long as he continues to make a good faith effort to pay, he's in good shape. Now they might suspend his drivers license, so you need to be mindful of that. However, he can petition to maintain driving privleges for work and 9 times out of 10 they will allow it.

    I've been on both ends of this (an ex who doesn't pay and an ex who didn't pay for another order for his first wife) so I know it's hard. Just try to maintain the frame of mind that these payments are for the benefit of the child. As long as the child(ren) are being taken care of, it doesn't matter what the ex drives or how often she gets mani's and pedi's, etc.....

    Good luck and keep your chin up. Things might be tough now but at some point, the order will expire.
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