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  • Child Custody is Maine Maine

    I am divorced have been for over a year. My daughter and I live in Maryland and have been for almost two years. Her father live's in Maine, where the divorce took place because at the time he was Military. He has decided to terminate his partenal rights, and I agreed to it. He is not in his daughters life at all, does not pay child support, call, write, or see her....nothing. I filled out all the paperwork, served him and then mailed it to the court house. I got my court date today in the mail, however, on the bottom the magistrate wrote "it may not be possible under maine law for the court to do what the parties are requesting". My questions are as follows, can he terminate his rights, will it be granted, and what could stop this from happening? Can anyone help me please!?!?!
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    Generally, there are two situations in which a parent's rights can be terminated - one, if the parent is so destructive to the child that a court determines that removing the parent from the child's life permanently is in the child's best interest (this very rarely happens, usually only in cases of extreme abuse), or two, if a step-parent is eager to adopt the child and take the parent's place (in this case, either the parent has to agree with the termination/adoption, or the court has to rule that it is in the child's best interest.) Neither option is easy or granted lightly. In cases of simple abandonment, the court is usually reluctant to sever the legal relationship between parent and child, even if all other aspects of the relationship are nonexistent.

    You should be getting child support - have you not pursued it?
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      I have gone after him for child support. I went to social services, but they can't do anything if they can't find his ss# in the system. I have talked with him, but no luck. He just does not care.


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