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    My husband and I are ready to take the next step and buy our first home. He has physical custody of his son and we may end up moving to another city due to their being nicer homes and better deals in that city versus the city we currently live in right now. Right now we live about 5-7 minutes away from my step-son's mother and the city that we are looking further into is only about 15-20 minutes away from her. In the court order there are no restrictions upon us to stay where we are or that we need her "blessing" in anyway to make a move or that he is required to do anything to move. Everything will stay the same, this will not effect her visition or contact with the child.
    The child is only 4 and attends special ed in or current city, which is not in the same district as her. We have checked into that area and those levels of services are avaliable to us for him as well. Our goal is to buy our home and stay for at least five to seven years before we sell again and move if we even want to. He has not started kindergarden yet and we want to get settled before both of our children start kindergarden.
    My question is do you think that this would make us appear unstable of us for buying a house and moving? I know it's a silly question but my husbands situation with his son's mother is hostile. I think that the milage between her city and the proposed city is only about 11 miles. Does that at all sound unreasonable to a sane person?
    One more thing.. it is in a seperate county then where his case originated from, will that have an adverse effect on this situation. Even if we are not currently in court or anything scheduled should he still motion for a change of venue or somthing?
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    Having gone through this, I would say that you should be OK. I would have your husband write a nice letter explaining the reasoning for the move to the ex, and have it cleared by his lawyer.

    With hostile spouses, the thing to remember is CYA. Remember, she wants the best for the child also.


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      Thanks for the advice, as for her wanting the best for him at times it seems that she wants whats best for herself.
      Should he give her a 30 day notice of intention to move? Eventhough he is not required to do so I have noticed in a lot of similar situations that is how it is usually done.


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        Every situation is unique. Make a list and speak with the lawyer.

        Not a cop out, just reality. On this forum, we are not familiar with the whole case. His lawyer is.


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          Cool, thanks!


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            You seem to have a good grip on the reality of being a "step" and your legal position. Keep a cool head, and things will work out. It takes someone special to love someone with a special needs child. Many people would have cut and run.

            Good luck.


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              It took me a couple months to find my place and where I fit in in the situation but since I did that my relationship with my husband and my step-son improved. Although at times with his special needs I get a little frustorated but in the end we are the best suited parent figures to help him become successful. I feel privilaged to watch him grow up.


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