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unmarried father lives w/ mother and baby Illinois

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  • unmarried father lives w/ mother and baby Illinois

    Hi - I'm new here. Question regards rights of my son as a father. My 25 year old son who has a 7 month old daughter. Son lives in same home with mother, daughter and her 2 sons of a different father, ages 9 and 3. Son provides 80% of the household income. Does not smoke or drink, very loving, excellent father figure for all 3 kids.

    Mother has not allowed son to take daughter out of house alone in 7 months. Will not allow son to spend time w/ grandpaJ in his home. Absolutely will not allow GrandpaJ and wife any time alone w/ granddaughter, though she has allowed both sons here numerous times w/o incident, even overnight.

    I am an electrician, wife is teacher, have very stable, loving, nurturing environment that both boys love being part of. Mother is only 23 now, and says she wants no more kids. Thus this is our only grandchild if that is true.

    My question: Does mother have the right to prevent son from taking child out of their house to visit grandparents, other relatives? Does son have any recourse in this situation?

    Please advise and thank you for your time and replies - grandpaJ
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