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    Hello, I am seeking advice for my sister who lives in Colorado. She has moved from the small resort town they lived in to Colorado Springs, which is about 60 miles away (1 hr). As of now they have a 50/50 custody agreement with no CS (Which she has been continuing to follow, although she has already moved).

    The custody agreement has been in effect since May of 2006, my sister has been keeping a journal of all things that have happened over the past three years as evidence that she is the primary care taker and that although they have 50/50 custody daughter is only with dad on average 6-8 days a month (most of which are only a few hours before he returns child to mother). Before my sister moved her and Dad where neighbors and although he was just a few houses down from my sister he rarely took her on his days, and when he did it was usually just a couple of hours.
    Dad is saying that he doesn't want child to move because she has made close bonds with his mother (which is true), her half-brother, and step-sister (although he is now divorced and mom has custody of both neither of which she is by any means close to, and in fact if you were to ask she would tell you she hates them both) and she has friends and teachers there she likes (which the teachers are my sisters friends since she worked as a pre-school teacher till laid off a couple months ago and she has already made new friends where they are currently living). That she has lived in this town all her life (which she has lived most her life, but not all her life), and that she has already started and finished Kindergarten there.
    (Just a little background info to let you know whats going on and what not)

    They have already been through mediation which was about two weeks ago, where my sister offered dad every weekend, every other school holiday (which is in current agreement) plus father's day and his b-day (which are not), claiming child even numbered years (already on agreement), no child support still, and all transportation costs. The mediator told dad to take the agreement, because after going through both their paper work said my sister had a really good case, and the judge would not give him such a good deal. He refused to work with my sister on anything. So they got a court date which was scheduled for today at one o'clock. At the last min he obtained a lawyer and got a continuance.
    My sister had not expected this and is at a loss, as to what to do next. She has been unemployed had has no money for a lawyer, and doesn't know where to turn and also wants to get daughter a GAL.
    She was wondering where she needs to start, and how to get my niece a GAL.

    Thanks for any advice

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    The next time she see's the judge she can motion for a GAL herself, although she should really do some research on this topic first. Here in Minnesota the services of a GAL usually run about $1200.00 to be split between both parties. She should look into some local legal aid.


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      So my sister has been trying to find a lawyer, but found out that Grandma is paying $5000 for daddy's lawyer. How can a poor single mom compete with that?
      There has to be someone who knows how to get her daughter a GAL...


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