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Child Support Garnishment Missouri

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  • Child Support Garnishment Missouri

    My husband's wages are garnished for child support by the state of Missouri. We live in Kansas. At a recent employer, from Dec. 2008 through the beginning of March 2009, his wages were garnished, and none of the amounts garnished were received by the child support office. We were in the middle of a custody battle, and needless to say, this did not help our case. He has requested numerous times by phone and in person that this be corrected, and each time assured that it would be taken care of. This amounts to approximately $800. As this has NOT been addressed by the company, we are getting ready to write to this former employer and put his request in writing. What should be included in this letter? Should we mention that, if it is not resolved within a certain time period, that he will be taking any action necessary, including legal action? What kind of time period should we give them? This has been such a mess and we would like to resolve it as quietly/easily as possible, but the employer is not living up to their obligations.

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    Does he have any hearings coming up with the court concerning custody and/or support?

    If he does, I would consider sending a subpeona to the employer requesting their records for child support witholding, including the dates it was withheld. First, that should be scary enough to make them pay it - but also it would help your husband in court.

    I'm sure others will have better advice for a letter to the employer, but you definately need to get everything in writing!



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      He does not currently have any court proceedings going on or coming up. He did in March, when this error was actually discovered. He did not know that the payments were not reaching the child support office until his ex-wife told him in March that she had not received a payment since December. He immediately contacted that employer and to date, they have done nothing but assure him that it will be "taken care of." This same employer laid him off after he suffered a back injury at work - which had he not been forced to work 72 hour weeks at a physically demanding job - probably would not have happened. We spoke with an attorney about him being laid off due to the injury, but they (the company) claims, and has in their records - nothing signed by him - that he "quit voluntarily with no notice given," - which also prevented him from receiving unemployment benefits. He's been forced to take a HUGE pay cut, and the company refuses to take responsibility for their mistakes in the garnishment as well. What we would like to do is write the letter, then, presuming they do not respond, take legal action to recover the money, plus interest that has accrued as a result. We want it to be fair, not any more than that, but don't know what we can say legally in a letter demanding that this be fixed immediately. Thanks so much for your help!


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