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PLEASE HELP!!! Georgia

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  • PLEASE HELP!!! Georgia

    One women swears her child belongs to this man. She threatens him to not take a DNA test so he can hurry to pay child support. Now she wont let him see his son and she now claims the little boy really isn't his. At the same time her sister (yes i said her SISTER) claims her son also belongs to this same man. Swears this child belongs to him. Threatens him to pay child support without going to court. He doesnt pay. She now claims he is not the father and that she slept with someone else. But yet still tells him he is the father and threatens to sue him for back child support. What is it that this man can do. He is living with some friends just to make ends meet. And that friend is me. please help! He doesnt make that much money and the man is 30 years old and living with friends. He has a girlfriend who is very loving and nice. I just want this all to end. They are all making me head hurt!!

    PLEASE what does he do???

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    The first thing he needs to do is find out if he's the father FOR SURE. If he's not the father of either child, he can easily enough put the worries behind him. If he is the father, a lot more lies ahead, but he can't do anything until he knows!

    He can either file for the test himself or he can wait and let them file for it. But, he shouldn't pay any support until a paternity test establishes him as the father.

    Here's hoping your headache gets better!


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