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    Originally posted by mommyof4 View Post
    So, again, your fears have not come to pass. You haven't been arrested and you weren't denied your parenting time.

    Here's a little common sense about your summer visitation. If you have him for the weekend and your summer time starts that Monday, don't take him back until your 2 weeks are up (assuming of course that YOU are in compliance with the court order regarding notification of dates within the ordered time period.) See? No contempt issue to deal with and she has zippo to take you to court over.
    FYI she did file a report and a PPO. I don't know the details because the judge hasn't granted her request or not. I will know late Monday or Tuesday. I had found out late last night and it was too late to go to the court house to get a copy. So you see I am not being over dramatic. This girl is nuts. I did nothing wrong. She started right after she came in my house to pick up our son because I told her she couldn't move back in. And she was very irrational when we got out to the car. (I have always walked her to the car when she picks our son up. I even closed her door for her) Thats why I took our son out of the car seat until she calmed down. So now I guess I will wait to see what the judge has to say.


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      Originally posted by prouddaddy View Post
      I mis-spoke I didn't speak to my atty until after I spoke to the police and it doesn't matter that I have to pay my atty. I just want our son to be safe. And besides I didn't know there was a limited number of times I could post. Thought this was a forum where I could get some advice. Yes I do listen to my atty but I do believe it is within my rights to ask for others advice. And it just seems like you are angry for whatever reason. So I would ask you not to respond and I would take my questions elsewhere. Thank you.

      I am 49, and a CP of three. Mom is one of the posters I PM when I have a question. I have found her to be extremely level headed and her advice is of equal quality to my attorney.

      For my own information, how old are you and the child's mother?


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        The judge denied the ex parte on the ppo and wants to see the X, myself and my parents in her court. My parents also have a ph. Her reasoning is because my parents are harrassing her. My father hasn't even seen her other than when we had to take our son to the hospital. My mother had sent her a copy of an email that was a response to her aunt's email. (she gave this email as 'evidence' but had altered it prior to giving it to the courts plus other lies she is telling where I have the police as witness). Since the incident I have some one with me during the exchange of our son. Actually when my X came to pick up our son on Wednesday she had asked me if I got a letter from her. I did get the letter and she is agreeing to the summer parenting time I had requested when she had told me she wasn't going to and thats what started this mess. So after she found out that the judge wants to see us (she had lied also saying that I had hurt her before but had told the judge no in court) she had decided to not make anymore irrational choices. So now I am not as worried about the ppo because I will able to tell my story as to what is been going on. I have been keeping a journal and have some proof that should help. But I also have to deal with a warrant for my arrest. I have an attorney working on that. All I want to do is take care of my son. Is that so much to ask?

        And I am 25 years old and she is 22 years old. I live by myself and she lives with her parents. Our son is 8 months now.


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