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father needs help proving mother unfit in TN! South Dakota Tennessee

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  • father needs help proving mother unfit in TN! South Dakota Tennessee

    my fiance has a child with another girl that has a history of drug use. this girl wont let him see his child unless its "supervised" because she says that he was the one with the problem. i have known him for YEARS and we share a 5 year old daughter together, i would never let him around my child if this was true. they are going through the courts now and they have ordered hair follice test for both parties. this girl is mentally unstable and CANNOT function with out her prozac! She has even wrecked her last car beacuse she was high on cocaine. she lives with her mother because she cant pay her own bills,so her parents support her finantually. she has never lived on her own and has never been able to support herself.we would like to know how we can take the child away from her. the things that i have stated here are not hear say. all this will be evidence in the courts, is it posssible to take away the 4mo old child away from this raving lunatic?

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    Duplicate post.
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