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Dad threatens mom with international law Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island

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  • Dad threatens mom with international law Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island

    I am a mother of 4 girls two of them are my non-legal seperated huband and mine. We are soon to get a divorce and child custody was brought up. the story is he was born in the U.S. went and lived in Venezuela with his mother from of the age of 4 to 15 came back for a year left back to venezula until he was under the age of 18. He has threatened me with international law into him having sole custody. I need to know if this is possible under the circumstances? Also I need to know since we are not legally seperated if I let him have visitation with the girls and he takes of to Venezuela is that legal or not?

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    By birth, he would be a citizen of the US. Unless he has revoked his citizenship, has diplomatic immunity, or holds dual citizenship I would think he would have to abide by the laws of your state and the US. BTW, we really need to know what state you live in.

    Regardless, you REALLY need to get an attorney involved NOW, before he has a chance to take off with the kids.
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      Ok Heres My Answer

      I live in Oklahoma I missed up on the post soory! so it's possible he can run with the kids? even get them passports and legal travel papera without me?


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        Both parents have to sign to get a passport, but there is a form that needs to be signed and notarized if the other parent cannot be present. He also needs to have a notarized document from you or a court order allowing him to take the children out of the country.

        This is the way things are SUPPOSED to go. Speaking from experience they don't always check to make sure that you have the notarized document to take the kids out of the country, but they WILL check for a passport.

        Please DO NOT ALLOW your children to leave the country. It is very hard and sometimes impossible to have them returned. Venezuela is non-compliant with the Hague Convention.


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          Thank you for your info.... I won't, don't worry.


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