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Child Support Review (Modification) Louisiana

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  • Child Support Review (Modification) Louisiana

    My husband has 5 kids. His oldest lives with her mother. He has temporary custody of 3 of them, and we have one together. He does not receive any support for the 3 children that he has custody of. He pays their private school tuition and provide everything that they need.

    The mother of his oldest wants more support. He is current of his child support payments. She does not have to pay for childcare for their child. She will be a teenager in a couple of months. He makes more money than he did when the child support for originally ordered.

    How does the fact that he has 4 more children to provide 100% support for factor if at all into child support modification?

    We both know that having other children does not and should not reduce his financial obligation to support his children. He is not trying to reduce the support that he currently pays.

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    I'm not familiar with Louisiana's laws, but I know one thing that may factor into the answer to your question.....

    The three children that he has temporary custody of...... does he LEGALLY have 100% financial responsibility for them (as in their mother no longer has rights or any financial obligation - regardless of the fact that she may not meet it).??? I realize he probably pays everything, but if the state still has the option of pursuing some support for them through court, then they will not consider him 100% responsible.

    (My step daughter lives with us & her bio-mother is in jail for abusing her.... yet, LEGALLY right now, until we terminate her parental rights OFFICIALLY, my husband is only seen as partially responsible, with their mother).

    I think most states allow a small $ consideration when tallying up child support for each additional child.... but its not much, and its possible that the legal status of his obligation to the other children may be a factor.

    God Bless!


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