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Child support - Non father but mother gives baby last name Michigan

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  • Child support - Non father but mother gives baby last name Michigan

    I have a question. My fiance's ex just had a baby with her new boyfriend (of three years) and she gave the new baby boy a hypend name that includes my fiance's last name and her current boyfriends last name. We are all curious why she did this and if there would be anything she could try and do legally to obtain financial support from my fiance. Would she be able to obtain social security benefits if (heaven forbid) something happend to my fiance? We're just all trying to figure this out with causing a HUGE argument since they (my fiance and his ex) have a strained relationship.

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    no she couldn't in any way have made your fiance obligated, she likely wanted the children to share a last name (assuming of course that your fiance has a child with the woman)


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      So Sally Smith had a child.

      Sally's current boyfriend is named John Doe. Your fiancee's name is Richard Roe.

      The baby's last name is Doe-Roe?

      Wow. Just when you thought you heard it all.

      This doesn't obligate your fiancee at all. In fact, all it really does is prove to the court that even the MOM doesn't know who the father is.

      Not everything that makes you mad, sad or uncomfortable is legally actionable.

      I am not now nor ever was an attorney.

      Any statements I make are based purely upon my personal experiences and research which may or may not be accurate in a court of law.


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        My husbands ex did something similar.... gave her later children his last name.

        Other than rumors & small-town-talk, there was nothing in it to harm him, it was just aggrevating that two kids he knew would be raised as little hellions would be running around town with his name....

        Nothing he could do to change it, and nothing she could do with the name...

        God Bless!


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          Thank you all for your input. Yes, my fiance has a child with his ex-wife and she is seven years old. I thought his ex might want to keep the names consistent, since his ex kept her married name and her daughter has the married name - but giving a boy a hyphened name puzzles me. What will the child think when it is grown? What will he do when marries? Will his wife have both names as well? In my own opinion if I had a child out of wedlock, I would give the child the father's last name, but to each his own I guess.

          We were both just very concerned after a conversation with my fiance's mother. His mother is furious that his ex wife would use her (now deceased) husbands last name without her permission and furthermore that her husbands name would be carried on by a baby that has no relation to her or her deceased husband.

          I hate to sound typical, because I believe I'm not, but my fiance's family has told me for years that his ex wife is very money hungry and sneaky. They are very careful when there is any sort of communication with her. SOOOO...
          talk began about benefits/life insurance that this child could receive in the event of my fiance's death. Or if she could try to obtain child support from him even though he hasn't fathered the child. (I say this because the man that fathered her new child is rarely in the picture. He travels a lot for work and is rarely there to help her. She tells her daughter one week they are raising the child alone and the next week they are a happy family). This is affecting the daughter also. She has been acting out and has become very clingy to her and father and I. All in all it is a trouble situation, but I thank you all again for your input!!!!


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