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Joit Custody and Support California

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  • Joit Custody and Support California

    My boyfriend and his ex have two children 10 and 6. They never married . My boyfriend has the kids 46% of the time ( every other friday-Sunday), tuesday and thursday evenings.
    His ex does not work and lives in with her boyfriend and has for the last four years. Her boyfriend makes a great deal of money and supports her so she does not have to work. My boyfriend I live together. He works, but is paid on Commission only. His pay is not frequent and not much.

    His ex goes away on vacation a lot and we take the kids often when its her time to be with them.

    My boyfriend is paying her child support. They have no legal aggrement, and he is afraid if he try's to make something legal he may have to pay her more.

    Although she does not work, she has had the yonger one in day care 1/2 of the day when school is in session because she does not want to pick the two girls up and different times. She wants my boyfriend to pay 1/2 of the day care as well as for music lessons, and swim lessons. She never informs him about enrolling in these things, and demands money after the fact.

    Since he has them 46% of the time, and often more then 46% of the time, I am not sure why he needs to pay her support? He is not making a lot of money at this time and needs the money he has to support the kids when they are with him. He completely wants to support them.

    If he tried to get a legal custody/ child support agreement whould he have to pay more or pay anthing at all since they are sharing custody?

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      Why do so many people try to find ways not to pay CS. It is sickening


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