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Visitation questions Illinois

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  • Visitation questions Illinois

    My daughter is 2 years old now and her mother hasn't been letting me see her that much at all. From the time she was born til about she was 6 months old her mother would let me see her all the time. During this time i was unemployed. After Fathers day of 2006 she was 6 months old and her mother just out of no where told me i couldn't see her anymore. I told her i was going to take her to court to get visitation. After about 5 months, i was able to come up with enough money to file a petition to get visitation. I managed to get into court around Febrary 2007 and she got a good lawyer and of course i couldn't get one due to lack of money. In the mean time my child support was getting behind even though i was unemployed. I still don't understand how Public Aid can want child support without me in their court defending myself.... But anyway, i had to settle for 2 hours every other week at her decretion and supervised (for whatever reason) because i couldnt afford anymore mediation fees. I have seen my daughter every other week for the past 7 months now just for 2 hours every other week and i have never been late nor missed a chance to see her. Just recently i got a very good paying job and i have been paying my child support plus back support and she still is telling me she wouldn't let me have more time with her. She makes these lame excuses why i can't have her for the weekend or just for a few hours. I told her she is being very selfish but its like talking to a wall.
    Bottom line is i have been trying my hardest to get to see my daughter as much as i can and i can now afford to go back to court and pay for mediation fees. My question is, can her mother still stop me from getting the visitation i want? I have never been arrested for anything or am not a violent person. I rarely drink and i don't smoke. I have a very nice place to live and i have a great desire to see my daughter more.
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    you should have no problem getting standard visitation, don't let her scare you away from fighting for it


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