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Stop child support to custodial deadbeat/Jax, Fl Florida

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  • Stop child support to custodial deadbeat/Jax, Fl Florida

    I need help to have my husband's ex to stop being allowed child support on a daughter who is 19 and has not lived with the custodial mother since the age of about 15. We have records stating that the now adult daughter dropped out of school at the age of 15. The mother used fake addresses to collect child support and had been prosecuted for prostitution on several occasions while the child was in her custody and afterwords while she claimed the daughter was still in her custody. She (the mother) was and may still be on crack. We feel we are paying for her drugs and feel the states attorneys are helping her get child support to pay for her habit. The daughter is witnessed by friends of hers who are children of friends of the father to have lived with her boyfriend since the age of 15. The divorce decree was never enforced on the custodial mothers part to contact the father of any changes, nor has he had any visitation rights since the daughter was 15. His check is still reflecting a deduction every week for the daughters support. We have tried unsuccessfully to stop this on our own. I am not familiar with motion documents and have a hard time trying to file when we feel we owe nothing at this point. If there is anyone out there, paralegal or whomever that has the knowledge to help me. Please contact me. I refuse to let them take our tax monies again for a child that does not and has not lived with the custodial parent in the past four years or better.

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    So if you know all of this information why have you never filed for custody of the daughter? I know I would not my child living with a prostitute.... Why have you waited this long?


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      You could file to end support on your own. Yes, I have had paralegals help with things I could do on my own but just needed someone to help with the paperwork. You will still be required to attend any court on your own and all desicions must be on your own as they are not allowed to give you a legal consultation, but the paralegal can certainly help point you with paperwork in the right direction. Just look up a local one in your phone book.


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        Originally posted by mom26 View Post
        So if you know all of this information why have you never filed for custody of the daughter? I know I would not my child living with a prostitute.... Why have you waited this long?
        It's an unfortunate fact that most people do not realize they just need to go to the court house and file for custody themselves. They all think it's a $10,000+ lawyer needed issue that will drag on forever.


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          Re-not knowing

          Excuse me for not writing everything out, that would take forever since I have dealt with this for going on 16 years. We did not know at that time. All we knew was that she pulled the daughter out of school and claimed the daughter transfered to Georgia. I checked and she was never re-enrolled. Its hard to fight the state attorneys office when you are the stepmother only. They don't want your side or say in anything, even if you just are trying to help . As far as the easieness of filing with the court, its not as simple as you may think. Especially when the custodial mother uses false addresses just to get the check. The daughter, by the way claimed to have a child. Then we found that that may have just been corced by the mother to get more money. Doesn't work that way. A private detective told me to go to victoms advocate cololition to find her on Shame shame shame. Don't knock me for trying to help a man who is actually paying support that he shouldn't be when there are so many men who are dodging child support that they should pay. If we knew we could have gotten custody, we would have tried. The daughter would have just ran away. I have 3 daughters of my own that think the world of my husband.


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            OK, you cant do anything legally. You can assist your spouse in his efforts to resolve the issue with HIS child.

            You have no legal standing in this fight. Yes, as a step you are involved but by law, you have no more right to fight this in court than the person down the street. It sux but thats how it is.

            He needs to go to court, not you.
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              Is the support through the FL DOR? If so, all he has to do is contact them, get the forms to file for emancipation, and submit them. CS in FL goes to the age of 18. This should be no problem (unless he owes any arrearage. He will have to continue to pay that whether the CS order is abated or not.)

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