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Unique Child Support Question

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  • Unique Child Support Question


    I recently learned that I have a 4 year old daughter. I dated the mother for a brief time in 2002, but it didnt work out. in september 2007, she found my facebook profilie, and informed me that I had a daughter. I went for DNA testing, and it was confirmed. Now I want to get involved in the child's life. I have agreed to pay $150/month child support.

    What legal options do I have with regards to seeing my daughter. SO far the mother has been very reasonable and lets me see her once a week. I just wanted to know if I may be entitled to visits or would I have to get a court order? also I was wondering if there were any tax benefits to supporting my child. any advice info you give would be greatly appreciated.

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    You should go to court and legally set up child support for the child, then file for visitation so it is in the law writing.. As far as taxes go I think it depends on how much you have the child, if you have egual amount of time together I believe you have to share (Take turns claiming the child on taxes) So basically you would rotate one year mom claims the next you claim.... So why did mom wait so long to tell you about your child?


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      I would only add one suggestion to that - if you are currently getting along with the child's mother, talk to her before filing anything. (I'm not saying change your mind based on anything she says, just give her some notice its coming). She may think you're out to get her somehow if she is just served with papers......... since you have a good relationship, just let her know that you want the support and the visitation to be court ordered so that no future problems will start between the two of you.... etc. Also, if the support is court ordered, it should help her as much as you...

      God Bless!

      PS - Thanks for being one of those Dads who wants to do the right thing after getting stunned with this kind of info....


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