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Custody with Father North Carolina

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  • Custody with Father North Carolina

    Haha, I feel so silly posting on this thread being a 16 year old but, here's my dilemna.

    Recently my father has been making countless threats to take full custody of me and my younger brother from my mom. I don't even want to see him on visiting, but I don't have much choice in that.
    Anyway, I really wanted to know if he could take custody of us in. I can't say I'd enjoy that in the least.
    He harasses my mother constantly and takes a fancy in making up lies about my brother and myself.

    I'm just extremely terrified that he will take us to court and somehow manage to take full custody, simply because my dad's really GOOD at finding out information and getting his way through anything.

    He's informed me he wouldn't give a **** about me when I'm 18....soooo, why must he insist on taking custody of us is beyond me @@;.
    But any help would be FULLY appreciated and thanks in advance.

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    Without knowing more about your situation, the only way your father can take FULL custody of you and your brother is by proving to the court that it would be in your best interest. I am assuming that your mother is currently the custodial parent, so in order for your father to get custody, he would have to prove that your mother was endangering the welfare of both you and your brother.

    Basically, unless your mother is a crack addict who beats you and your brother everyday, and does not supply you with clean clothing and food and shelter, your father will have a very hard time changing the custody order. Again, the standard is what is in the best interest of the child.

    That being said, if your parents have joint custody, your father is always welcome to petition the court for a change in visitation or ask that he become the custodial parent. In this case, again, a judge will look at the best interest of the child. A common reason for a change of this kind is when the custodial parent is requesting to move out of state. This would then interfere with the child’s life and accessibility to the non-custodial parent, and a judge could deem it in the child’s best interest to then stay with the other parent.

    Hope this helps ease your mind.


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      $$ and revenge are the possible motives. And, depending on what information he would be able to dig up, it's always possible.

      What are you afraid he will find out about your mother?
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        Origional post:
        "Dear posters, I have a quick question for you, if you don't mind~
        I'm 16, currently dating an 18 year old. (Homosexual relationship)
        My mother is completely fine with the relationship, as are her parents. We don't take part in any romantic interactions in public (holding hands, kissing etc.). Nor do we grope, fondle and the likes in public and we haven't taken part in any sexual intercourse.
        Well, anyway. My father (my parents are divorced) does not agree with the relationship and constantly threatens to press charges against my girlfriend and whatever.
        :< I'm just curious if he could actually do anything? It's extremely unnerving and I, of course, don't want anything like that have to happen.

        So any answers would be GREATLY appreciated. Much thanks <3"

        Your first post would be enough for most parents to decide that a change in custody is necessary.


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          Looks like you left out a little detail that is very important to your question.

          If your mother is allowing you to conduct a relationship with an 18 year old adult, yes, your father can use that as grounds to change the custody order. I don’t think he would get sole custody, but he certainly could end up as the custodial parent. You might want consider the consequences here.


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            Ah, alright. Yes, I'm afraid I completely forgot about that. Haha, *hit with the idiot brick*

            Well, he brought up the issue earlier this week, by calling my partner's parents and threatening to sue. Well, I've already been forbidden from seeing her and going to her house and the likes. And when we do see eachother we have to be checked on every five minutes :[
            But, we've agreed it'd be the best for the both of us to seize seeing eachother, as hard as that is. But this forum's not about my feelings. Haha.

            But, on that issue. Would he be able to take my brother as well with those situations?
            And if even if I've seized seeing her, he'd still be able to bring that issue up...won't he?

            Hm. Well, thanks a LOT. This really helps. I was planning on calling him tonight and informing him about how much stress he puts me under and etc. So hopefully that'll help some

            But, I was also wondering. My mother suggested a restraining order for mental abuse by backing it up through sending me to a counselor. Buuut, somehow I don't think that'll work, but I thought I'd ask anyway.
            The thought of visiting him does make me revolted, but hey, I got two more years to go. Haha.

            But, thanks a lot you guys, this helps quite a bit.


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              No...that won't work. It will only make the judge look askance at your mother for playing legal games to keep your father away from you and your brother. (and the judge would be 100% dead on in his estimation).

              By the way, 'ceased' means that you have stopped. 'Siezed' means that you have taken in you "siezed the opportunity to continue to see your girlfriend against your father's wishes when your mother took out a restraining order against your father."

              Not a good idea.
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