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Have biological father sign over his rights Ohio

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  • Have biological father sign over his rights Ohio

    Ohio. Hello all. My question is this. My son's father is a straight up dead beat. He is 33 years old and has four children who he doesn't pay anything for. He just got out of jail last month for non-support when he was just in there over the summer. My question is how do I go about having him sign his rights over so that my boyfriend who takes care of my son like he is his own, can adopt my son? The only name on my son's birth certficate is mine. To me my son looks at my boyfriend as his father since he helps my son out with everything from homework to sports. My son's biological father doens't do anything and says he will but doens't come through. Just let me know you're thoughts and opinions. Just want to say thank you now for your comments and help.

    What should I do in Ohio?

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    You can't do this.

    In order to adopt, your boyfriend would have to be your HUSBAND and you would have to either get Dad's (once he is legally Dad...yep, you would have to establish legal paternity...btw, he's not a deadbeat to your son if paternity has never been legally established. It's not his son.) consent OR plan on a lengthy expensive court battle with the expectation that you will not be successful.
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      Judges will not allow the adoption from one person to another unless there is a reasonable chance that the new father will be a long term fixture.

      That means marriage... and it also usually means that you can't request it THEN until after you have been married a year.
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