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Vacation with child.....Tennessee

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  • Vacation with child.....Tennessee

    Not my child just wondering a question..Parents are split up, living in different homes and getting divorced soon. Mother wants to take child on vacation, could she without having the fathers consent?

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    Depends on the divorce decree. Some require NC parental approval to go out of state. Others just require a phone number where the child can be reached. A lto depends on the age of the child. Soem decrees dont actually spell it out.
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      NC being non-consensual? I was just curious if anyone knew the specific law when it came to TN. I was under the impression it would not be considered kidnapping.


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        It is not considered kidnapping. Unless the custody order specifically states that the parent (either) may not take the child out of state for vacation, there is no legal issue.

        If the parent wants to take the child out of the COUNTRY for vacation, that requires the consent of the both parents OR the court order must explicitly state that the parent may take the child out of the country without consent of the other parent.

        Even IF the court order forbids a parent from taking the child out of state for VACATION (meaning the parent does, in fact, return the child after a short period of time...and no, 2-4 months does not count) it would be contempt of the court order, NOT kidnapping.
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          alright, thanks for the replies and information


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