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    My husband has to travel for work spending various amounts of time away. When he is not here, the kids are here with me. He was not here when his ex returned. He has been here for the past couple of weeks. She keeps asking the kids if Daddy is still here or if they know when Daddy is leaving.

    Daddy's job may require one more trip, but after that, he should be working here. What could she be planning?

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    Most likely a custody modification that includes the right of first refusal. That means when Dad is out of town, Mom should have the right of first refusal to care for the children (instead of you). Now if the pattern has been that you have taken care of the children during his past trips, most likely, as long as these trips are just a couple of days, the court might just say its fine and leave it alone.

    Now, since she seems to be trying to find out when he will be out of town, if she's the type to say you are abusive, then most likely an emergency hearing (when he's out of town and can't get back right away) for custody.
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      Right of first refusal is not an option. We live about 40 miles apart, and she does not have a car so she would not be able to get the kids to and from school. She is the type to say we are abusive towards the children. She said that in her answer when my husband filed for the kids. He was had temporary custody of the kids for 1.5 years pending an evaluation which has never taken place.


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        Why hasn't the evaluation taken place? If it is her fault, I would try to have the temporary order ruled permanent. Especially since it has been in place for a year and a half.
        Don't listen to a word I say because ya know I've gotta be crazy to be a Brown's fan.


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          It has never been done because she was not here. She was only here 4 months since the temporary custody was ordered. Then, she came back last month.

          How hard would it be to get the temporary order made permanent without the evaluation? The evaluation was ordered once she alleged the abuse.
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            Since it's due to HER unavailablility, I would think, especially given the amount of time that has passed, it would be quite simple.
            Don't listen to a word I say because ya know I've gotta be crazy to be a Brown's fan.


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