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  • Pennsylvania

    I've lived with my grandmother since July 31st of this 2007, since my mom 'abandoned' me & moved to Philadelphia. This whole time, she's paid for nothing for me, & is in no way supporting me. I think I may have seen her 3 times since then. &up until september, she made no attempt to contact us. My main question is who has custody of me? I'm sixteen years old. I'll be seventeen in February. My grandmother primarily lives in Florida and when we told my mom that we wanted to go back to Florida, she said that there's no way she's letting me go out of state. But if she doesn't support me in any way, especially financially, I just want to know if she still legally has custody. &if my grandmother & I went to Florida, would it be illegal?

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    It would be illegal. Your grandmother would need to file for custody or guardian in order to take you to Florida, or your mom would need to come pick you up. Since you are 16, the judge MAY takes your wishes into consideration, BUT until anything is filed your grandmother has no legal rights. What state are you in now (sorry if I missed it, in a hurry)


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      Just reread it,

      So you and your mom are both in PA, how far away do you live from each other?


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