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Child Support Frequency Payment Illinois

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  • Child Support Frequency Payment Illinois

    Quick question.

    My husband pays child support for his daughter. He is currently paid by his employer every Thursday. This will continue through tomorrow and then they will switch to paying him every other Thursday. So he'll get a paycheck on January 3rd and then not until January 17th, January 31st, etc.

    Child support is ordered at $x per week. I believe the law says that child support can be adjusted to fit the pay frequency of the payor without going through the court. And his employer has said that they will just double the amount of child support and take out $2x every 2 weeks.

    Here's the question: when my husband informed the CP of this change, she said that he has to pay $x on January 10th as well even though he won't get paid or he'll be behind on his support. What is correct?

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    She can't do squat to him. He has no control over the pay schedule of his employer. Unless he is teetering on the edge of contempt for not paying, he shouldn't worry. If he is, as long as child support knows why the payment dates will change, he doesn't need to worry.
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      I know that different states have different laws... but most are very similar in this regard, I believe.

      NC will not do anything about child support being "late" unless BOTH of the following are met:
      A - OVER 30 days past due
      B - No partial payment within the past 30 days (say a $50 payment was made on a $400 support order making it $350 past due, rather than the full amount which was $400).... if a partial payment was made during the 30 days it is past due, the court here gives time to catch it up.

      So, it must be a full month of support, which is past due OVER 30 days.

      In NC, and I believe other states as well, one week doesn't mean diddly squat. It's just like if you pay your car payment one week late... nothing happens.... Just don't let it get over 30 days.

      God Bless!


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