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Arrested X-MAS morning~Father loves daughter New York

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  • Arrested X-MAS morning~Father loves daughter New York

    I am a very good father to my 8 year old daughter. I have been separtated from my x girlfriend( related to local police ) for 3 years now. I pay child support on time have never been late along with anything else such as medical bills etc....My x has residential custody and I see my daughter every other weekend and on wednesday after school. All this after returning to family court yet another time. She is now happily remarried and has a new born. Unfortunatly her husband has a 5 year restraining order on me . We are now 1 month into it for something I never said to him, Bla.. bla.. bla... Never talked to the guy, he seems to have this hatred for me , and well what ever else his problem is. HE LIED UNDER OATH, now twice.
    There for I can only call MY daughter on her mothers cell phone which receives no signal where they live. I do not call the house and only contact my daughter through her mothers cell phone. When I leave messages for my daughter she never gets them............. my x makes it very difficult to speak with my daughter esp. when her husband is around.
    Now b/c of the restraining order I was arrested on x-mas day in front of my fiance and her THREE kids for " calling the house" x-mas morning to get my daughter. My fiance was the one who made the call, on her cell phone and asked to speak to my daughter. THE Husband called the police and had me arrested YES x-mas morning I am also on probation due to all this .............. I LOVE MY DAUGHTER VERY MUCH
    QUESTION.......... WHAT TO DO ? WHO DO I CALL ? HOW CAN I GET THE POLICE TO STOP ARRESTING ME ? ( they have arrested me 4 x now and more than 24 hours spent in jail) for NO REASON. PLEASE FATHERS OUT THERE HELP WITH SOME ADVICE...........

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    From a step-mom.... who went through dealing with bio-moms boyfriends for several years.... Focus on the mother and your communication with HER... fix that.

    I would suggest a lawyer first........ and possibly filing to change the way your custody papers are written, to incorporate changes that would fascilitate communication between yourself and the childs mother.

    If you have a court order allowing you to do something (same as he has done, he has gotten a court ordered restraining order). You need a court order that makes it possible for you to have some type of communication with the mother.......

    I don't know what a judge will allow --- perhaps since you can only call a cell phone, the Mom should be required to call you twice a week at a set time so that any needed arrangements can be made, etc. ????

    Talk to a lawyer.... a consultation should tell you what type of arrangements can be made. And perhaps a letter from the attorney to the mother to that regard, may even prevent a court battle.... here's hoping!

    God Bless!


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      My son is going through almost the same. Ex-girfriend want let him talk to his son. Wants his right terminated since she now has another baby and boyfriend want marry her until that's done.
      Why don't we think about the childen?
      You will be in my Prayers!


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