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  • emergnecy petition Arizona

    I have a 16 month old daughter, I share joint legal custody of my daugher, I just found that my ex's boyfriend had been arrested for DUI and drug possession during our custody case in june of last year, i had also found that he had failed task on seveeral ocassions over the last few months for testing positive for cocaine and was convicted of a class 6 felony on 12/12/07 at which was his plea.
    I found that at the initial onset my ex was with him and was pregnant at the time. I have asked the courts for sole custody due to the ongoing problems with the drug use, although the judge does not seem to have the same concerne, Mind you - my daughter lives with her mother and the boyfriend and they just had a new child.

    does anyone have any feed back ???????

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    Have you called social services?

    This is not always the best thing to do... but if you feel that your child is not safe in the home, and drugs are a concern.... call & report it. Be specific with your complaint if you decide its what you need to do. If you say X and Y are living together and X AND Y are doing drugs, X and Y have had them in the car while under the influence, Y has been convicted, etc....... they will have to prove or disprove all those things. If all you say is "there are drugs in the home," then that is all they will investigate.

    If social services finds reason for concern, so will the judge. If nothing else, they will keep Mom on her toes so she takes better care of your child.

    God Bless!
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      I would go the CPS route first. We did that and even though they initially did nothing, we were able to get something going later. When CPS did nothing, my exH filed for a domestic violence restraining order based on drug use and violence in his daughters mother's home (domestic violence and drugs in the home are considered child abuse in many states). Because he wasn't on the birth certificate, the RO was denied but the judge seriously lit a fire under CPS and they had his daughter out by the end of that week.

      I've had her for 2 1/2+ years now, with "mom" not having visitation in all that time. (she is allowed if my ex says its okay, she hasn't asked)
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