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Am I contradicting myself on an affidavit? Ohio Georgia

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  • Am I contradicting myself on an affidavit? Ohio Georgia

    I'm the grandmother, my husband and I have had sole custody of our grandson for 2 years, 9 months.
    Our son had custody up to the time we got custody.
    Child's mother has not had custody since she left our son & grandson, has little contact, is way behind on support, has little to do with the child, and probably nothing to do with this thread.
    We got custody because our dil(stepmother to child) beat our grandson when our son was away on training, he was active duty military until spring of this year. Dil has a no-contact order on her as a term of her probation, custody papers also state no-contact between child and stepmother.

    Son & dil want no-contact order removed and to get court ordered visitation for dil. Son has had unlimited access, but does not call or see our grandson as much as I think he should. Lawyer sent me an affidavit to sign, saying I agree with court giving dil visitation. I do not want her to have court ordered visitation. I am fine with the no contact order lifted. She is the daughter of a long time friend, and we all have friends in common. When they move closer it will be a pain to abide by the no-contact order and still attend some family functions.

    Since I am in Ohio, and all the legal proceedings are in GA, the lawyer has asked me for an affidavit to submit. Do the following 2 paragraphs contradict each other, or do they make it clear I'm OK with lifting the no contact order but am completely against any court ordered visitation rights?

    That she, said Affiant, has no objection to the Court immediately lifting the ‘no contact’ restriction to allow said Daughter-in-Law to visit or have contact with said child in the company of ***** *******(me) or ****** ******(my son), at the discretion of the Affiant, ***** ****(me).

    In the Affiant’s opinion, it does not meet the standard "in the best interests of the child" to grant a right to visitation to the Stepmother, ***** *********, beyond allowing her to accompany said child’s natural father, ****** ******* when he exercises his visitation rights.

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    Edited my first post to only focus on my question for this board.


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