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Mom with full custody, dad is trying to take it after 2 yrs..... Indiana

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  • Mom with full custody, dad is trying to take it after 2 yrs..... Indiana

    I'm from Indiana, have a four year old son, who has been with me from day one.....even when I lived with his father off and on for a year and a half after he was born. I took my ex to court (we were never married) for support, and full custody, which I was awarded.
    Recently we have been disputing over visitation.....I filed a petition to get it changed, and the hearings have been postponed twice on hi attorney's behalf, so something that should have been cut and dry, has been turned into this nasty situation. He is now trying to get full custody of my son......this man has had 2 DWI's, one was "Dropped" b/c he did the diversion program, but then he was arrested again in April. He lied to me about his suspended license, and drove with my son in the car with him for 2 months on a suspended license. How can someone like this think they can take my baby away? I have a steady job, a safe secure home, have married a wonderful man, and provide a stable environment for my son. I don't drink, nor do I do drugs....I have no idea what this is based on. He was denied joint legal custody at our first hearing, he then took me back to court to get joint legal again, and then withdrew his request. I really don't think a judge would do this to my child....I am his stability, and all he knows. But what are the chances of him actually taking my son from me?? He has done nothing but keep things in constant uproar, and uses my son as a bargaining tool.....
    So, my question is what are the factors that play into taking custody away from a mom? My lawyer says I have nothing to worry about, but that still doesn't help when you think someone is going to try and take your world away from you.

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    Any advice would help here, people!


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      I'm sorry but weekends are slow on here so you'll need to be a little patient.

      As far as him getting custody, I highly doubt it. The best thing you can do for your case is to be prepared. Get every police incident report and record of arrest that you can find on him. Any court where he has appeared will also have records, get those.

      It seems that he (since he has tried a few times already and withdrew his motion the last time) is using this to, as my grandma used to say, jerk your chain. You've moved on with your life and he is left with nothing but his alcoholic beverage of choice.

      I'm at work now and can't stay on here but this will get you started.

      Don't listen to a word I say because ya know I've gotta be crazy to be a Brown's fan.


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        Thank you so much for the reassurance......


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          Sounds to me like he loves playing games with you. He would need to prove that you were an unfit parent to get full custody from you without your poermission. And since you state you don't do drugs or any of that, it would be impossible for him to do.

          Like OSM says: Document everything and stay calm, good does win over evil in these matters if good can keep their cool and not let evil get under their skin.


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            Oh yes, he LOVES to play games......I try very hard not to let it get to me, but when it comes to my son, I get a little emotional. I know deep down he has no chance in taking my son from me, but it just bothers me that he is using a sweet little boy that he supposedly "loves" to hurt me. This drama has been going on since the day I left would think after this long he would let it die.....I'm sick of it interfering with our family, and I am sick of his games. Not sure if I added that he is 27, and lives with his overbearing, interfering mother!!! I guess I just worry about what they will lie about, but they would have to prove all of it, which they can't. I know I need to calm down, and relax, but it's really hard to tell yourself that when someone is trying to take your child away. It makes me sick that he would even do such a thing....sorry if I'm repeating myself! lol


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