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How to get full custody from Alcoholic Husband

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  • How to get full custody from Alcoholic Husband

    Hello! I am in Texas... My husband and I have 2 year-old twin boys, 1 with medical issues, having had cancer and a liver transplant already in his little life. My husband is an alcoholic and getting worse, I find bottles hidden all over, he lies about it all the time, refuses to get help. He has held down a job and never misses a day, he is a very good functional alcoholic when it comes to work, but home is a different story. I give him ultimatums that I will leave if he doesn't get help, he tells me to F-off. Nice. I don't want to raise my boys in this kind of household, where their daddy is always passed out. I hate him for this How difficult would it be for me to obtain full-custody and child support? Also would he be required to maintain health insurance for the boys? I don't trust him with the boys alone while he drinks because he always passes out, can't function at home, there is no way I can divorce him if he will have partial custody. I'm really stuck!

    I would really appreciate any advice! Thank you so very much!!!

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    You should consult a family Law Attorney but staying with your husband as he is endangers both you and the children on a daily basis


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