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quest. what if mother denies visitation in TX Texas

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  • quest. what if mother denies visitation in TX Texas

    I have a question, my boyfriend just got on child support not too long ago( sept. 2006). The attorney general agreed that he pay $400.00 a month and visitation rights. The mother doesn't want him to have visitation at all because he doesn't want to get back with her. She told the attorney general rep that she was to bonded to the child (1year old girl) and that he doesn't know how to take care of her. THe rep said well that is what is what visitation will accomplish. He needs to learn how to take care of her. He was entitled to 4 hours everyother weekend between 1-5 pm. He has made good on his part and pays her on time, but she doesn't allow him visitation. He has made three police reports because she hasn't allowed visitation. His mother finally got ahold of his ex and she told my boyfriends mom that he can only see her on her terms. Which is at HER appartmen, if not then when she goes out between 10-3 am. He says no because that is when his daughter is asleep. If he does take her to court does he need an attorney? Who pays if guilty? What type of punishment is she looking at? (we don't want her to go to jail) We just need to know what rights does he have as a father.

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    Notify the court. Get a lawyer and she will be charged with contempt. Keep the records as you have and also document that he has paid on time - every week.
    This will pass. Life's got bigger disapointments waiting for you.


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      Make sure he documents everything that takes place and well I would file contempt, she can not deny him visitation if it is court ordered, that child needs both parents....


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