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    Hello, new here so please bare with me. Need advice on an issue I am having that started Christmas day.

    BACKGROUND: My son father and I have been communicating and settle things out of court for the past 13 years. Now he has change, he's marry and has a new family, which is no problem, but he is now hogging my son. For example: Week before Christmas , that Monday, his step daughter birthday, he pick my son up kept him over night to celebrate with the family. Ok, then that same week thursday, he pick him up early since my son didn't have school that Friday (which I didn't mind cause it was his weekend). Sunday night I pick him up so he can be with me Christmas Eve. and Christmas Day. Mind you he had him for his birthday and Thanksgiving. (I DID NOT SEE HIM AT ALL) So came Christmas day around 3:00pm he tells my son on the phone he is on his way. I told my son we about to eat dinner just tell him wait til then for his half of day.

    PROBLEM: Ex decides to come anyway, and made a big scene, I try to handle it but he kept insisting my son to come outside cause he cook. I said, he has a big appitite and he will eat again. He got out the car came to the door, told him to come on, my father step in and try to talk to him. He then started yelling and said I am the father and how can u denied my rights to my own son. My father was like you is hogging him too much. Anyway, make a long story short, they went back and forth. He finally left. And my father drop him off, but now he still has my son, and I keep calling his cell phone I believe his father told him not to pick up since he is paying the cell bill. Now this is my weekend coming up. Also, he gives me child support but not through the courts.

    QUESTION: I getting tired of this, should I try and go for full custody and just go through courts for child support? I wasn't trying to rock the boat but he is getting disrespectful, and act like my son don't have another family. My youngest don't see his brother enough. I try to be fair cause fathers are hardly around but he is getting out of hand. Any help with do. Sorry for the long story.

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    I would get court approved visitation.

    This is why you get it... friendly custodial relationships rarely stay that way.
    Not everything that makes you mad, sad or uncomfortable is legally actionable.

    I am not now nor ever was an attorney.

    Any statements I make are based purely upon my personal experiences and research which may or may not be accurate in a court of law.


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      Thank you cyjeff, well I thought it would work out, but I see it can't.


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        Originally posted by MYBOYS View Post
        Thank you cyjeff, well I thought it would work out, but I see it can't.
        you can settle this out of court, just get a lawyer to draw up an agreement on the times for visitation with the father and if he refuses then go to court , it is hard especially when you have kids and he has a new family, some holidays may have to be surrendered for instance me and my sons father rotated holidays....the order was like this.....every other weekend from friday 4pm to sunday 6pm.....xmas day from 9am to 6pm for odd years.....etc. its hard but it helps keep the altercations to a minimum...


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          do you have a custody/visitation agreement? If not, file for one NOW. Otherwise, go by the document. Also, file for court ordered child support- because I am guessing soon he will stop paying also if he's being a pain now


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