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abused kids need help Missouri

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  • abused kids need help Missouri

    My children are 5 and 7. My son, 7yo, had his collar bone broken in Feb 2006by his step father, I now have joint custody of both of them they live with me primarly. During the summer visitation with their mother my daughter was molested by her step father, she disclosed this info to her therpist. What I need help with is the christmas visitation, should I let them go or not? I don't want to deny the visitation and risk losing them all together. I need help.

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    Do you have police reports to back up the collar bone incident?

    Have you or can you get documentation from the girls therapist that will support your accusation? Is mom still living with stepdad?

    Is Protective Services looking into this situation? What is being done to protect these kids?


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      Yes everything has been documented police reports have been made, nothing happened with the collar bone situation because the mother and her husband skipped town after the kids were put into protective custody and given to me. The prosecutor dropped the charges because they left the state. Can you believe that a mother would let a man do this to her children? She still lives with him and the kids would be there for a week for christmas visitation with him. I was told that if I went against the court order I would be risking losing them all together I don't know what I should do.


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        Is the week of visitation for Christmas in writing and was that done after these things happened? I dont understand why a judge would allow the children to go there and put them back in danger. If there is no current visitation order you do NOT have to allow them to go. If the visitation order was written after these events then legally you have to let them go.

        No, I cant imagine a mom staying with the man who abused my child.


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          I would not allow my children to go there if an ordeal to that effect had happened.. If I were you I would go down and talk to the courts and ask if he can have supervised visitation due to theese injury's if you have proof...


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            We have a substantiated report from the childrens division but since they gave up primary custody and moved out of state everything was dropped. Even the court order says he is not to have contact with the children, but she doesn't follow that. We have tried to file restraining orders on the childrens behalf against him they won't grant them because the case was dropped. They live in Kansas where a restraining order is a civil issue where the police won't get involved. I know this sounds funny but every avenue I have taken to try to protect my children I keep hitting dead ends and he always gets away with everything. I'm a police officer suppose to protect people and I can't even protect my own children. I have tried to file a modification in the county where I live and they are saying they don't have jurisdiction because the court order was made in another county of which neither of us live in anymore. My story is a complicated one. Thanks for the comments, it helps to talk about this with others.


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              Since the court order says the man is not to have contact with the children, then DO NOT allow it. You have grounds to deny the visitation right there. If stepdad still resides with mom, I would allow no further visitation at her place of residence.

              I may be wrong, but I think you will need to go to the county where the court order was issued. Get a modification there. Make sure you ask for supervised visitation at your discretion. She apparently has no regard for the childrens safety. Makes me sick to my stomach.

              I hope everything works out best for the children. They are dealing with quite a bit right now. Thank goodness they have you. Hope your giving them lots and lots of hugs.


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                Well she never called nor showed up to pick up the kids I wander what it up her sleeve?


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                  Originally posted by gardner58 View Post
                  Well she never called nor showed up to pick up the kids I wander what it up her sleeve?
                  Document everything.

                  It took me many hours of legal help to gain custody. She ended up abandoning them to me. Keep loving the kids, and make sure that the police in her area know about the existing court order barring him from the children. You do know about how the brotherhood of officers work. You watch out for each other, children as well.

                  Bottom line, hire a local lawyer and file for permanant and full custody.

                  Blessings on you and the children. If no one has said it lately, thanks for your service in protecting the public.


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                    Thanks for the recognition, I appreciate it.


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                      Well the MOM called today and told the kids that they are coming to her house, when the kids asked when, she told them to "wait and see" I wonder what that means. Here we go again, more drama, at least she didn't ruin our christmas by showing up. We need to hire a lawyer, does anyone know one around KCMO, that will take payments? We are still paying the last lawyer we had to hire for the kids.


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