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    As I have posted before my husband is in the middle of a childsupport modification and for the most part things have been going pretty smooth. We found that because she never filed to make Florida the childrens home state after leaving Georgia giving my husband the opportunity to make Alabama their home state. If that happens we will not have to go threw Florida for any other situations. If this happens we will not have to hire an attorney in florida to take care of other problems. As of right now she is in contempt of court on visitation, but we are waiting until after we go to court on the childsupport before we take care of that issue. However, another problem has been building. Every since my husband and his ex have been divorced 6 years ago it seems like the children are always sick. In the original court papers she is suppose to carry insurance on the children, but hasn't carried it that we know of for the past 3 years. When my husband asked for copies of insurance cards just in case of emergencies she refused to give them to him. So if we took them to the doctor we had to cover the cost out of pocket. My husband's job at the time didn't offer insurance so it was all been out of pocket for him and I. Trying to get along we said nothing, but now that she lives in Florida she refuses to let us know anything about their medical problems. And since we are unable to get them everyother weekend as court ordered because she moved so far away we know even less about the childrens medical needs. We do know that everytime we have them during christmas and summer vacation they are sick. Buy the time they leave they are better, but the next time we recieve them they are sick again. This time though it was really bad. Two days ago we picked up the boys ( my stepsons) at there home in Florida. As we were putting their things in the car she handed the oldest boy the medicaid cards and walked away saying nothing to my husband or me. (the oldest child is 12, and my husband was standing right next to him). He did give us the card, but we were never told that both the boys were sick. Not that we were really supprised. During our 7 hour trip home I noticed the oldest one had a tissue, and a cough so I knew he was sick. When we reached home we gave him some tylenol cold. To find out that the youngest boy wasnt feeling great eaither so we did the same for him. The next morning my husbands ex calls to talk to the oldest boy. She asked him how the youngest is feeling and then asked to talk to the youngest. After she talks to the youngest she talks the the oldest child again then finally my husband. She tells him that Ian has a Sinus cold so give in meds then hung up on him. I have an ex husband and I just couldnt believe she was going threw her children still. Anyhow we were already giving him meds and began giving him cold and sinus meds. Then last night he spikes a 102.3 temp, my husband and I gave him a fever reducer and with in an hour we had it down. "Thank god". My husband stayed up late and I stayed up all night checking his temp to make sure that it didnt go back up. Early this morning I woke my husband up so he could call the doctor. Since they have medicaid we had to call around to find a doctor that would except florida medicaid. We did get a doctor and an appointment for today. I told my husband that he needed to call his ex and get their medical history because the doctor is going to needed it. I told him the questions they were going to ask and the information needed for paper work ( my children go to the same doc.) So he called his ex only to get her mother. She wouldn't give us his ex's work number until she called her and made sure it was ok. When we called back she did give us the number, but said you just need to take him to the emergency room. Even though we had the situation under control he was basically yelled at. Well he calls his ex at work and she did the same and refused to give us any medical information. She said that we dont need to take him to a doctor we need to take him to the emergency room. Even though we have them temp down to 97.0 and we had an appointment for him to go to a peditrician. She them proceeded to say that he runs high fevers often and tylenol, motrin do not work for him. That was a lie because it did last night. I told my husband if it is happening often then there is something wrong with him that the emergency room is missing and that not treating it could make it worse, and that is probably what is going on now. Any how we are keeping our appointment and he is already feeling a little better. When she found out we were going to take the oldest to the doctor she got even more upset. Yelling that their is nothing wrong with him he just has a cold. She said you dont need any information and hung up the phone. We sat down with the boys and talked about their so called sinus colds. The oldest one has been sick since August which is a month after they left our house. About three years ago he had pneumonia and was told that he and his mom needed to take colds seriously. Thats how bad it had gotten. Actually if it wasnt for my husband taking him to the emergency room them we would have never know, and it may have never gotten taken care of by her. Over the summer we also found out from the oldest that he had not only ring worm,(which we treated) but he also had High Clolesterol. Now the Youngest boy said he has't been feeling good for two weeks or more. So my husband and I feel like she is neglecting her responsibilites. We are afraid to take them home because we do not know what kind of care they are recieving or what is really causing these illinesses. We also feel like she is hidding something from us. We also found out that the boys are no longer a b students they are now c d students. She just isnt letting us know anything is there anything we can do. Right now we feel stuck because we are waiting to go to court for the modification next month which is also the time we will find out if we can make our home state the boys home state so we dont have to hire an attorney in florida. We arent sure if we should call our attorney here because we don't know if she will be able to do anything since we havent been to court on the other. A am tempted to call cps, but I dont want it to look like we are doing it to get even. We didn't do anything before because we didnt think we could do anything, but know we begin to wonder if something can be done. I also have children and If they have a cold longer longer than three days with no inprovement I take them to the doctor. If they run a fever during the night the next day we go to the doctor. (my bio children are lucky if they get sick once a year) I have also worked as a CNA not only in nursing homes, and hospitals, but also in a doctors office. I am also working on my nursing degree right now and I can't see a reason for them to be sick this much unless they have medical problems causing this or they aren't being taken care of properly. My husband and his attorney have talked about him adding the boys to his insurance now, but they are both concerned that she may not pay copays, remaining balances, or even mistreat the insurance staff. She ask for nothing she demands and yells until she gets her way. She has the boys go threw our things and take information back to her. So we also fear that she may try finding out our own personal information threw the insurance company. She has done it with our bank a few times and we had to set up all kinds of blocks on our account to prevent it from happening again. The insurrance is something we are also being taken back to court for. So it will be discusses in court come january o7. Should we call cps, our attorney or just record it for after we go to court? I told my husband to ask the doctor today what could be causing them to get sick so much and see if they can run test to see why their immune system is so low. We just want to do the right thing for the boys!

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    sorry this was so long. I didnt want to confuse anyone so I tried to explain everything.


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      If the boys ahve been sick since Aug, he really needs to take them to the Dr for FULL physical check ups. This will begin the process of documenting that ex isn't providing health care. With medicaid there's no reason she shouldn't be taking them to the Dr every time they get sick.


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        Sorry that I havent updated with what has happened. When my husband took both children to the doctor we found out that the youngest child had a double ear infection. The doctor said by the looks of it he has had it for more then a few weeks. They both had a chest cold and the doctor said that he believes that it is probably from neglect on her part. He said he would request their medical records and go over them for us. We got lucky that the primary doctors name was on the childrens medicaid card. Now we are just waiting to see what he gets from that office.


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