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16 year old wants to go live with Dad North Carolina Florida

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  • 16 year old wants to go live with Dad North Carolina Florida

    I read many of the posted threads by the teens seeking emanipation, or kids that have run away.
    I am writing about a granddaighter that I practically raised.She was 16 in July
    Her mother has custody, which was obtained before my granddaughter was 6 months old. The mother and father were teen age parents and never married.
    My son has always paid child support, to the mother, even though at least one time my granddaughter lived with me for like 18 months. My granddaughter has always spent a lot of time with me, more time than actually with the mom. The mom refused to allow my granddaughters father to see her once he got married and started another family. My son's wife did not work,my son earned low to middle class income, paid child support, and could never afford a lawyer to fight for rights to visitation , asking for custody was out of the question with the woman he was married to( shallow person)
    My granddaughters mother has neglected her, physically abused her and made her life a living hell. The mother came and took her daughter from my home after my granddaughter had been there for 18 months, like age 11-13.
    In which the mother only took her daughter about 15 times for a visit, of a day or so, and brought her back to me. although the mom was staying 15 minutes away Her mother learned that her daughter was seeing her father. Shortly after her mother took her back, she really assulted her, chocking her, leaving fingernail marks all over her neck. Blacked both eyes. The DSS took it to court but didn't push, they charged the mother with neglect the judge didn't know if acquiril nails could leave those ,marks. The mothers sister an RN in an ER came to court and would have testified. The court did not want to tie up there time, accepted a plea of neglect, my granddaughter was staying with me, the mother had her moved to her sisters, through the DSS.
    Long storey, all the court appearences which my son was present for ( even my supopena for his job)
    Eventally my granddaughter was returned to her mothers home about 10 months later, although the mother did none of the things the courts ordered her to do. Me the grandmother , I have not gotten to see my granddaughter since Dec 04.
    My granddaughter and her father talk on these pre paid boost phones. She wants to come and live with her father, and me.
    My son and his wife of 15 years finally seperated, partly from the court strain where his first born was abused, and he had not been part of her life.
    I called the DSS in NC,the man that had been invollved in the most recent case ( this summer)is no longer with them. I spoke to a lady that knew nothing of the history. Abuse and neglect have been going on and DSS has been in and out of the mothers life for nearly 16 years.
    My granddaughter does not want to go to DSS and fill them in on current events in the home, since they have been of little help in the past, and additionally she would have to suffer consequences of her mom for going to them. So is my granddaughter just stuck until she is 18. My granddaughter is not in school, the mother was suppose to be home schooling her she wasn't. So my granddaughters education stopped in Feb 05. The mother remarried a man she had been dating, they have a baby about 18 months old, the marriage is in trouble, both cheating. The mom has a drinking problem, on top of everything else.
    If my granddaughter RUNS AWAY, ( not a missing person) leaves NC, comes to Fl to her dad, can they then go to DSS here in Fl and get custody reversed. Or does my granddaughter have to just live with this life another 1 1/2 years.
    My granddaughter needs psychiatric counseling, she has gone through bouts of cutting herself, she has gotten mixed up in a lesiban situation. She is not in school, although she is willing to go to a community college and get her GED, and then continue college classes in some fielf of law enforcement.
    My son and I do not wish to get into legal trouble. I am on disability so I would be home 247 to supervise my granddaughter. either my son or I can afford a costly custody battle, and my granddaughter doesn't want stay with her mom if she goes to DSS herself, it would just make her life harder, nor does she want to be placed in a children's home, or a fosterhome. She wants to live with her father, and both he and I want to help her get her life back on track. Please let us know what we can do.Can my granddaughter RunAWAY come to her dad and go to DSS in FL, to get custody reversed?
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