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i am 17 in texas and moved out i need to know my rights Texas

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  • i am 17 in texas and moved out i need to know my rights Texas

    i am 17 years old and i live in texs i have moved out from my moms and now live with friends and i can not work because my mom will not give me my ss # how can i get it? and i also do not have a birth cer because it burned up in the house 5 years ago and my mom did nothing to get a new one fo me and my old shools will not give me any of my info because i am not 18 what can i do? it is legal to move out in texas at 17 but i am in hot water plzz help me know what i can do as a 17 year old in texas and what are the laws and rights for a 17 year old in texas?

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    Did you have your mother's permission to move out?
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      You can go on line and seach for the Vital Records of the state in which you were born.... It is quite easy to get your birth certificate... fill out a form and send in the money...
      As for your ss # there are plenty of places to look for that ....
      Welfare office ... if your parents ever applied for benefits since you were born(FREE)
      Doctors office ... any doctor you've ever seen (Legally they should give you -regardless of if you are a minor - a copy of your medical records ... for a FEE ..usually $20.00 or so)
      School....Go TALK in person to your school counselor !!! Ask about GED programs and ask if she could give you your social (you get more with honey than vinegar so be nice!)
      At 17 you may not NEED your mom's permission to move out legally but if your parents want to they can make your life VERY difficult. You may need thier consent to work at certain jobs or certain hours.
      You should consider TRYING to work something out with your parents if possible ... Friends come and go but FAMILY IS FOREVER .


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