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Custody Question Oklahoma

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  • Custody Question Oklahoma

    I have a question My Girlfriend (we live in Texas) has 3 children from her first husband and when they divorced she was granted full custody in 1997. He didnt want anything to do with the children, she came back from Calf. and he done a motion to modify. They gave his cousin Guardianship in 2001. Then in 2005 his cousin gave the kids back to the ex husband and he says that he has custody of the children now and will not let my girlfriend see the kids now. Is this legal?? and if so how did he do it without her knowing about it?

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    He really can't... but until your gf goes to court and modifies the custody agreement and works all this out, she really can't do much.

    So... get a lawyer and get it resolved.
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      Yup, he only had guardianship, not custody, there is a difference. Since she gave guardianship in 2001, may I ask, did she have anything to do with the kids at all? Is there a chance that he filed for abandonement, and recieved custody in the eyes of the courts?


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        Custody in Oklahoma

        Yes she had something to do with the kids untill 2004 it was then he wouldnt let her see the kids.


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          Custody in Oklahoma

          correction I was wrong the date was in 2001 so that is a very good possiability, the only thing is that she talked to the kids frequently now he wont even let her talk to the kids at all.


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            My Girlfriend tried today to call and talk to her kids Father and he wouldnt even talk to her any further ideas? We honestly dont have the money to get and attorney. I just wish he would at LEAST let her talk to the 3 kids. He dont even have enough courtsey to do that. I dont know of any way of making him let her talk to them. Any help is appreaciated.


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              she needs to go to the clerk of court and get the forms to file pro se (without legal representation) for modification of the custody order.

              She needs to document every time she has tried to contact or see the children and was denied.

              She can also contact your local bar association to see if any attorneys are on rotation for pro bono work or reduced fee. She can contact legal aid to see if she can get legal assistance in this situation. (I am not 100% sure that she can.)
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