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  • Looking for answers Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey

    I have 3 children who have lived with their father since we divorced. Recently I've gone through some major life changes, medical issues, etc...which made it difficult to work. We started having visitation issues, some cs issues, then it went into the courts. I wasn't able to pay the cs, was working all the time, not getting to see my kids 2 days during the week, or every other weekend ( like I am supposed to) and still going under financially. Eventually I lost my home and went on the road with my now husband with his job. I asked my children's father to give us time to get on our feet again after coming out of a bad relationship and starting completely over at agee 31, but no go. This has snowballed. I haven't been allowed to contact my children for over a year now, in person or by phone.

    My question is.....with the bad situation, should I just let it go and relinquish my rights? My kids live in Illinois. What are the laws there concerning this? And how would I go about beginning the process? I'm still not working so still unable to pay cs. Nor can I drive.

    In my heart I know that dragging it out further will only hurt my children. I can only hope that when they are old enough I can have a relationship with them again........

    Thx ~ Sad Mom
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    Most states do not allow for voluntary termination of parental rights. Many states that do allow it-- do not allow for the parent to stop paying child support. This is not the answer to your problems. The only way to sign over your rights and NOT pay child support is for a step-mom to adopt your kids. IF you are disabled and unalbe to work for medical issues- you can ask for modifications to the child support order. The amount you owe is just building till you do. You could also apply for Social Security Disability and your children would get a benefit to replace thier child support.


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